Confessions from Purported Torture Victims Implicate Opposition


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Moses Simbwa, a resident of Jinja City, has confessed to how Ugandan opposition politicians paid him to mudsling security agencies by accusing them of torturing him for supporting the opposition.

Simbwa, who gave a public confession at the 38th NRM Liberation Day celebrations in Jinja on January 26, 2024, revealed that the opposition political parties, which include the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), paid him and promised him treatment before smuggling him to Nairobi, Kenya, where they paraded him in 2022 during the International Human Rights conference, as a victim of torture by Ugandan security forces.

He added that the opposition took advantage of the scars he got after surviving a motor accident to allege that they were torture marks inflicted on him by security forces for supporting the opposition.

Simbwa apologised to Ugandans for involving himself in the opposition’s mudslinging campaign and affirmed that he has never been tortured by any Ugandan security personnel.

“I have been used by the opposition for chaotic scenes to stain the image of your government. I have come to apologise to you and Uganda at large,” Ssimbwa said.

He also reiterated the existence of an evil scheme by the opposition to stain the image of the government, which he’s willing to reveal to the President once given an audience.

Simbwa’s confession is an addition to many, where purported torture victims who were once paraded as torture victims, especially by the NUP, have come out to exonerate security and expose opposition for lying about the existence of torture of political dissidents in Uganda.

In March 2023, one Mwesigwa Eric, who had been previously paraded to the media by NUP’s leader Robert Kyagulanyi with wounds on his chest, alleging they were inflicted on him during a torture session by security forces, confessed that he was lured into a deal by NUP and the wounds were inflicted on him by the same group after promising him monetary gains treatment with the sole purpose of maligning the government.

Other alleged torture victims who have been found to be fake include Ssebuganda Richard, who lost his hand in a students’ strike at Makerere University in 2020, and Kamuswaga Moses, who was injured while attempting to detonate a tear gas canister in 2012.

The opposition has also been using the same lying trick about the alleged abduction of their supporters.

According to a report by the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) that was presented to parliament in October 2023, NUP provided false information about their supporters who were reported missing or were tortured by security agencies.

The continued efforts by the opposition to taint Uganda’s image, especially in the international community, have only exposed them as non-patriotic citizens with no good intentions for their country.

This website published a story in November 2022 stating that NUP and other opposition political parties paraded fake torture victims in Kenya, all of whom were paid and transported to taint the Ugandan government image internationally.

EXPOSED: NUP paraded accident victims to donors as torture victims during the Nairobi conference

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