CONFESSION: Clan Head Reveals How Masindi Police Officer Treated Him


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David Opio Apap is the Head of Oromo Agwatawil clan in the Lango Ethnic Group, the Minister of Public Health at the Lango Cultural Foundation, and the Deputy Principal at Good Samaritan School of Nursing and Midwifery in Lira City.

Recently, while on a journey along the Kampala-Gulu highway, unfortunately, his travelling bag was mistakenly picked up by another passenger, but he later recovered it with the help of a certain police officer identified as Robert Odwoka, attached to Masindi CPS.

Below is his narration.

A police officer is different from a policeman, and I have got one in Masindi CPS.

A police man if item is left under his custody, the item will change position or location.Β  If a motorcycle or even an exhibit is seized, some valuable parts are removed, but a police officer will keep it intact. ODWOKA ROBERT is one of the police officers I’m talking about.

I have never seen him physically, but on March 12th, due to a misidentified bag in the taxi, my travelling bag was taken to him by people who had mistakenly picked it up with all the valuable items, including money among other items, but he (Odwoka Robert) kept it for a week until I sent a driver, Elly, who operates between Lira and Masindi. He picked this bag for me, and I got all my properties without even asking for a cent for keeping my bag.

If I had the power of promotion, I would have rewarded Mr. Odwoka Robert for being a police officer, not a β€˜police man’ with a clean heart, but I know my prayer may get you far and accord you blessings.

Not all police personnel are bad, as is usually said.


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