Bobi Wine’s Brother Nyanzi Preparing to Dislodge Lukwago from Lord Mayor Seat


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Fred Nyanzi, the National Coordinator of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Party and leader of Kunga activities, as well as the elder brother of Robert Kyagulunyi, the NUP Party President, has declared his candidature for the Kampala Mayoral seat come the 2026 general elections.

According to sources, Nyanzi, during his graduation speech at the NUP offices located at Kavule Makerere, declared his interest in running for the mayoral office in the coming elections.

Nyanzi excited his Kunga group members when he announced his interest in taking on the Kampala city mayoral seat in 2026.

Sources allege that Nyanzi started this mayoral campaign drive last year under the disguise of Kunga that was meant to popularise NUP on the grassroots.

According to John Male, a resident of Kamwokya, supporters are not surprised by Nyanzi’s interests, stating that whatever he did with Kunga was to popularise himself, not NUP as a whole.

“Nyanzi has been busy marketing himself while de-campaigning Makindye Mayor Mulanyama and Erias Lukwago for failing the city, claiming that the city under Lukwago is doomed like we can all see,” said Male.

However, other sources claimed that Kyagulanyi is not happy with his brother’s declaration and is unsure of how to proceed with this mayoral matter since he had reserved it for his trusted accomplice, Lewis Rubongoya.

According to sources, Kyagulanyi had wanted Rubongoya to take on the mayoral seat, but his brother has beaten him to it.

“He is now more confused than ever, since he cares for the two men,” added the source.

Ugandan political pundits are left wondering where this new event leaves the United Forces of Change (FDC, NUP, and ANT), which are only one month into the alliance, and there is already a scramble and petition for political roles.

According to Amos Wakida, a political expert, the United Forces of Change collapsed before it started, claiming that no one trusts those coalitions, especially when all parties concerned want cheap political popularity instead of serving.

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