Bobi Wine Struggles to Divert Debate from His Pro-Homosexuality Stance


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The leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, is having a hard time diverting attention from a proclamation he made about supporting homosexuality.

For weeks, Kyagulanyi has been facing media backlash after telling a BBC journalist in late November that he’s now grown and supports homosexuality, contrary to his earlier stance where he had made a song condemning the vice. He added that Members of Parliament (MPs) from his party who supported the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Act are working for President Museveni.

His remarks were not well received by Ugandans, the vast majority of whom despise homosexuality. Additionally, his party’s MPs were irked by his allegations and requested that he apologise for the bogus accusations he made in order to please his donors, but he refused.

Angry and disappointed Ugandans launched an onslaught on Kyagulanyi via all social and mainstream media platforms, calling him out for trading the ethics and values of his country for money from the LGBTQ community and favours from the west.

According to media sources, following the heavy backlash and a notable decline in support for Kyagulanyi, his handlers are devising means for him to divert attention from his pro-homosexuality proclamation. This has been noted in a series of diversionary remarks and actions Kyangulanyi has undertaken since.

While addressing a press conference at NUP headquarters on December 12, 2023, Bobi Wine claimed that each MP was promised Shs100m to pass a Shs3.5tn supplementary budget, an allegation that was quashed by Speaker Anita Annet Among, who stated that Bobi Wine was trying to cover up his misfire by casting blame where there was none.

“If you are covering your dirt on homosexuality, you are getting money on homosexuality, and you are covering all that, don’t use this House to cover it,” said Speaker Among.

Among’s response further fueled the debate on social media, and Bobi Wine’s diversion didn’t go as planned.

According to analysts, this is what has forced him and his handlers to plan a national prayer day, hoping to have an altercation with security to attract public sympathy.

Analysts further project more diversionary actions by Bobi Wine, where he will want to show that he is still in the ‘struggle’ with ordinary Ugandans who do not relate to homosexuality.

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