Amuriat Unofficially Endorses Nandala for FDC 2026 Party Presidency


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The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party President, Engineer Patrick Oboi Amuriat, has acknowledged Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the secretary general of FDC, as the most devoted and trusted FDC leader, capable of taking the presidential seat come 2026.

According to Amuriat, there is no one worth the FDC presidency apart from Nandala, whom they are all committed to serving as their most level-headed, brilliant leader, who will take them to the next level, as compared to tentatively Erias Lukwago, who has lost all credibility due to his arrogance and whining character that has lost its charisma among the populace.

“Lukwago lost the softer human edge he once had ever since he adopted a submissive, whimpering character, which does not suit the current modern era of politics. I wonder how many political parties would want Lukwago as their president right now,” Amuriat said.

Amuriat made these remarks while in Eastern Uganda, in response to a supporter who inquired about Lukwago being elected as a tentative president for FDC.

According to Amuriat, he does not know what being elected as a tentative president meant, claiming that Lukwago wants the FDC job because of his links to Dr. Kiiza Besigye, the founder of FDC.

“But we all know it will never happen, since Nandala is our long-term leader, and come 2026, we will all be garnering support for him,” Amuriat added.

Tom Opolot, a longtime supporter of FDC, who was present at the gathering, stated that it is good that Amuriat has examined himself and noticed that he cannot run again as party president for FDC, arguing that in the last elections he lost more FDC supporters than gained them.

“I think Amuriat is acting maturely by acknowledging that Nandala will be a better candidate for FDC as compared to himself; during the 2021 campaigns, he lost so many supporters as he was not interesting to listen to,” Opolot said.

Political parties are preparing and strategizing for the 2026 general elections, with the FDC divided into two factions, Katonga and Najjannakumbi. The new alliance of NUP, FDC, and ANT is yet to be tested, with each interested in the top job in the country.

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