24-Year-Old Arrested for Defiling and Murdering 11-Year-Old Step Sister


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The Gulu Central Police Station has arrested a 24-year-old peasant on charges of defiling and murdering his 11-year-old step-sister.
During a security press conference held at the Nguru headquarters on September 18, 2023, SCP Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, provided details about the suspect involved in the incident.

“The suspect, Richard Lubangakene, is a 24-year-old peasant from Chopi village in Gulu district. Additionally, the step sister involved in the case was identified as Agenorwot Angel, an 11-year-old,” said Enanga.

According to Enanga, the suspect approached the step-sister and requested that she enter the house to retrieve some plates. Without delay, he pursued her and committed a heinous act of defilement. Following this violent act, he proceeded to grab a hamper and struck her on the head, resulting in her immediate and tragic demise.

The police successfully apprehended the suspect and determined, through examination and processing, that he was mentally stable. He was charged with defilement and murder.

According to the World Health Report, there was an increase in defilement cases reported to the police in Uganda in 2021. The number rose from 14,230 cases in 2020 to 14,570 cases. On average, the police in Uganda receive 40 reports of defilement cases daily.

Defilement is a significant issue in Uganda, and it is crucial to acknowledge that the reported cases may underestimate the true extent of the problem. Many victims of defilement hesitate to report the crime due to the fear of facing stigma or retaliation from the perpetrator.

The Ugandan government has implemented measures to tackle the issue of defilement, including stricter penalties for offenders and launching awareness campaigns to address the problem. However, there is a need for further action to safeguard children from exploitation and provide adequate support for the victims of this heinous crime.

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