Zelenskyy Turns to President Museveni for Assistance


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Legendary American singer, songwriter and actor Kenneth Ray Rogers aka Kenny Rogers in his famous album “Kenny studio album” released in September 1979 had fascinating country music singles that included songs like “Coward of the County” among others. 

Kenny, in coward of the county referred to his late brother’s advice to his son Tommy in resolving disagreements. Tommy’s father died in prison because he was convicted of assaulting his colleague.

“Promise me, son not to do the things I’ve doneWalk away from trouble if you canNow it won’t mean you’re weak if you turn the other cheekI hope you’re old enough to understandSon, you don’t have to fight to be a man,” part of the song reads.

Away from Kenny Rogers and country music, for the past year Western media has been filled with stories of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict with each media house taking sides depending on who controls it and the interests they hold in the conflict.

The UN General Assembly in March 2022 under the influence of some World super powers adopted a resolution in favour of Ukraine. These have also influenced their allies, thereby offering their moral support, weaponry and financial support to war-torn Ukraine against Russia.

Uganda under the wise leadership of President Museveni, refused to take sides in the conflict but rather took a neutral stand and opted for peace over war. This attracted criticism from opposition politicians accusing the retired General of siding with the aggressors (Russia).   

However, the dynamics of war have taken a different twist thereby greatly affecting European economies. This has forced most European powers to withdraw their support, leaving Ukraine and Zelenskyy helpless and desperate. 

It seems the Ukrainian President didn’t listen to Kenny’s song coward of the county and if so happens that he knows the song, he learnt nothing from the wise words of the late legendary artist. 

After a whole year of infrastructure destruction, massive loss of lives, displacement of people and escalating refugee crisis in Europe, Zelenskyy is now turning to his imaginary enemies who opted for peace over war by refusing to take sides in the conflict. 

On Wednesday February 23, 2023, Zelenskyy posted on his social media pages and stressed how excited he was to have held a bilateral relations conversation with his Ugandan counterpart President Museveni.

Sources also state that Uganda through former Premier Amama Mbabazi is holding peace talks with envoys from both Ukraine and Russia.

At this moment, Zelenskyy needs world leaders with vast experience in Geo-politics and peace building processes just like President Museveni. He made a wise decision to seek for guidance from his peace loving elders and there’s no doubt Ukraine will soon become peaceful and safe again.     


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