You Can’t Keep Dancing With The Devil And Wonder Why You’re Still In Hell; Hon. Ssemuju Mocks Fellow Opposition MPS


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As I was enjoying tasty and delicious black tea today morning while watching NBS Morning Breeze, the words of Kiira Municipality Member of Parliament Hon. Ssemuju Nganda reminded me of the old saying, “you can’t keep dancing with the devil and wonder why you’re still in hell.”

With the ongoing fracas surrounding a motion tabled before parliament to remove the Mityana Parliamentarian Hon. Zzakke Francis due to incompetence and Lack of discipline, Ssemuju Nganda had contrasting views to his fellow opposition member of parliament.

On the show Ssemuju Nganda said, “Our colleagues didn’t want to work with the institutions of FDC. They handpicked commissioners. Iam now happy that one of the people they handpicked (Hon. Mapenduzi) is the one that has turned against them. It is good music to me.”

By saying that Hon. Mapenduzi tabling a motion on the floor of parliament to remove Zzakke Francis from the parliamentary commission is good music to Ssemuju’s ears who subscribes to the same opposition as the afromentioned people is alarming and paints a good picture of the Opposition we have in Uganda.

It should be noted that since the emergency of National Unity Platform as a political party there has been a war of supremacy going on among the Opposition parties of Uganda.

The Opposition plays the Cat and Mouse game on the minds of Ugandans who think they have an agenda of gaining power in this country.

How the hell will these people govern a country when they can’t agree on small matters like these, when they capture power, God Forbid!

Norbert Mao said it better, “How can corrupt and hypocritical masqueraders turn politics into a bastion for blackmail, slander and hate-mongering.”

As Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

The people of Uganda should not be fooled and continue dancing with the devil in the name of Opposition and wonder why they are in hell some years later. Being in hell means shunning government programs to follow opportunistic Opposition individuals who are running their own agenda, some years later you languish in poverty while the Opposition opportunists are among the wealthiest in the country.

Chris Rwakasisi a former minister in the Obote II government, who was pardoned from a death row by President Museveni recently said that the Opposition are disgruntled and Lack the drive of NRM and President Museveni that is based on reconciliation.

Rwakasisi said, “Museveni’s main weapon has been reconciliation. He does not take revenge, and his kind heart has kept this country together. When you talk about reconciliation I stand here as a testimony.”

He further said that reconciliation presupposes realignment of different societies so that people can have peace. The result of reconciliation is peace and freedom. This leads to total transformation, something the NRM has done best.

Recently the NRM secretary general said that a leader who doesn’t know history is not a good leader, adding that Rwakasisi’s story about forgiveness and reconciliation is a lesson people must pick and emulate.

He said that a country like Uganda which was fragmented by ethnic tensions needed a statesman like Museveni who would foster national cohesion and unity.

Ugandans should well understand that the continued rumblings in the Opposition shows it clear that they lack the basic skills of running a country not even their political parties many of which are on the verge of collapsing.









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