Why Valentine’s Day Must Be Celebrated


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Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd century.

In Uganda, some couples decide to put on red, and just walking down any street in Kampala, you can’t miss spotting a couple or two in red holding hands with a bouquet of flowers.

To many people worldwide, Valentine’s Day is a special day to express your love to your dear ones and show them how much they are loved.

While Valentine’s Day is celebrated in most countries, different cultures have developed their own traditions for this festival.

In some parts of the world, Valentine’s Day is observed as a day for expressing love among family members and friends rather than romantic couples.

Some traditions include leaving lollipops and gifts for children, while others include acts of appreciation between friends.

Valentine’s Day is most commonly associated with romantic love, with millions of Valentine’s Day cards being exchanged each year.

Gifts of flowers or a single red rose are sent with romantic messages to loved ones, and couples spend special time together. 

Many couples choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with dinner, a picnic, or a special home-cooked meal. Many restaurants offer Valentine’s Day dinner promotions, and food is often presented with symbols of love like hearts and flowers.

Another popular Valentine’s Day activity is to indulge in a luxury hotel stay in a beautiful location, allowing a couple to get away from it all and enjoy some quality time together.

Marriage proposals are also popular on Valentine’s Day, and it is often chosen as the perfect day to express their love and commitment.

Whereas Valentine’s Day is a special day for loved ones to express their love, to others it is always a measure or yardstick of how much one loves the other, and after Valentine’s Day, if the efforts or appreciation of love are not shown through gifts, physical presence, or dinner, many have been chucked for not showing up and appreciating their loved ones on the day for lovers.

For men, the pressure to deliver presents and have dinner with their loved ones is immense, even when they expect little in return.

To many, Valentine’s Day seems one-sided, where men are supposed to treat their women to lavish dinners and special gifts, and a few lucky ones will be surprised by their women with gifts or dinner.

For those in love, it’s very obvious that your partner knows that you love them and care about them, but it will be a very big mistake not to gift your partner or take her out for a simple dinner. If the resources don’t permit, at least cook fo4 her a good dinner at home and let her know that you appreciate her.

On this day, it’s important that you renew your commitments to love her, affirm your position in her life, and most importantly, remind her how much you love her and how all the promises you made to her are still valid.

Love is indeed a good thing, and mankind should keep it flowing.


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