Why ‘assassination’ claim has remained deceptively prominent among NRM opponents?


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Few weeks ago, Julius Katongole, a prominent National Unity Platform-NUP leader claimed that there is a plot to kill NUP’s Nusifah Nakato while on her admission bed in Nsambya hospital.

Without shame, Katongole circulated this wild claim on various social media channels including YouTube, and Facebook etc. Nakato was involved in a severe motor accident while traveling in Kumi district last month.

In his claim, Katongole named President Museveni and the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence to be behind this baseless plot.

To Katongole, and other misinformed group, assassination plot is a daily claim to undermine the regime achievements. Indeed, assassination plot is now the quickest mean to gain sympathy from the public by the NRM opponents.

We all remember how this group recently claimed that government was plotting to kill legislators, Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana after they were arrested over murder cases in Masaka district.

To date, the legislators have remained in a steady healthy state while in prison without any single case of poisoning.

For over thirty years, the NRM regime has been and still being opposed by a few groups mainly the opposition parties like UPC, FDC, DP and recently NUP etc but non actors from the above has ever been assassinated.

It is a fact that most NRM opponents are safely living in Uganda with majority operating lucrative businesses including the FDC founder, Dr Besigye, NUP leader-Bobi Wine, LoP MP Mathias Mpuga among others.

Therefore, if the assassination claims by the NUP Katongole whom I consider misinformed is anything to go by, then many NRM opponents including him and his boss Kyagulanyi Robert-Bobi Wine would be dead by now.

NRM regime is on record as the first leadership to encouraged those who had fled the country during the previous regimes of Obote, Amin etc to return home.

To date, we have so many of these people have since returned and invested in Uganda without any persecutions as often alleged by the negative group.

It has also been established that he (Katongole) opted to blackmail the regime after he was recently arrested for being involved in a rape case but soon released from Kitalya prison.

According to report, this same Katongole was on 11th/July/2021, accused of pocketing the money he had solicited to help the alleged political prisoners but he extravagantly spent on the daughters of Eve because it’s the game he enjoys so much.

In my view, the government cannot exist without people because people are the government and the NRM government cannot achieve its mission and vision without people.

It is time to stop leaning on the falsehoods of the rebellious house by finding the truth which has been distorted by the individuals with unpatriotic characters.

As the opposition members like NUP Katongole continues to promote propaganda, I encourage Ugandans to continue embracing NRM regime’s missions to transform Uganda from poor peasant society into a modern, industrious, united and prosperous society.














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