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Who is behind hostility against EACOP?

I recently read an article titled “The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP): Economic Boon or Environmental disaster?” that was published on the African Business website.

Among other things, the article claimed that the pipeline project will tear through 200 rivers from the Albertine region to the port of Tanga.

Where is the 200 rivers talked about in the article found in East Africa where the Pipeline will pass?

On 1st August 2022, the UNCDF Head of office in Uganda Dr. Dmitry Pozhidaev together with his colleagues went ahead and convened a zoom meeting that was hosted at the #STOPEACOP  (@stopEACOP).

Shamelessly, the meeting was only attended by whites and Ugandans who tried attending were forcefully removed from the meeting.

To me this was more of a modern day Berlin conference where African matters are decided without involving and consulting Africans.

Whereas Africa is being lectured about the environmental concerns and global warming, the rest of the world especially the global North, their oil and gas projects are going on unquestionable.

According to statistics, the global North has so far contributed about 97% of the global warming and they are still producing their oil and gas.

They are here preaching to African countries about the effects of global warming due to carbon emissions from oil and gas.

We have been victims of this organized imperialism since 1884 where the so called explorers came to Africa and claimed to have discovered our natural resources.

They went ahead to name these resources after their own names as if there were no indigenous people before.

Later we were held in captivity by the same people, where a number of our kings and chiefs were killed and others forced into exile.

We were made to fight each other along religious lines as well as tribal lines.

Now the Modern day colonialism has come in a different twist where our enemies are heavily investing in disorganizing established governments as well as sabotaging development projects in developing countries especially in Africa.

Can someone inform me about who should decide for a sovereign state on whether or not and how to develop own natural resources.

From this point, it’s now high time for Africans to find a center of gravity and unite against our enemies.

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