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When Nyanjura’s smile trapped Lukwago into opposing Boda-Boda registration

The Kampala City Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago was recently nick named Apuuli by his deputy Doreen Nyanjura, a Batooro name meaning one who has powers, abilities and skills to attract other people, exhibiting qualities often observed and admired.

Astonishingly, this means Nyanjura’s long heartfelt and endearment for Lukwago is far from arrival! Let’s leave their idolization alone, this can be a topic for another day.

It is not surprising that after being nick named by Nyanjura, Lukwago has embarked on his usual malicious political egotism thinking that now holds powerful wings to frustrate government commitment to regulate domestic transport operation in Kampala City.

In his latest attempt, Lukwago has for the past one week been conducting various activities including holding media shows to frustrate the current registration of boda-boda operators in Kampala.

Lord Mayor is the strategic position of leadership holding critical roles and responsibilities including fulfilling the roles of Chief Executive officer, ceremonial figurehead, and local agent of the central government.

Even when he is aware about the benefits in regulating boda-boda operation in the City, Lukwago has pigheadedly remained aggressively against the government proposal.

The Ministry of Works and Transport, Ministry of local government, Kampala City Ministry, Uganda Police, and representatives from boda-boda associations, realized the urgent need to formalize the operation of this group in Kampala Metropolitan purposely to restore order of business and guarantees security for everyone.

Government is sensitive to the fact that Boda-boda is still the most preferred means of transport not only within the city but in other areas too, and it’s the reason why their operation must be regulated.

Under the new arrangement, government will register all boda-boda stages within the city.

But outrageously, Lord Mayor Lukwago has petitioned High Court in Kampala seeking to block the ongoing exercise, a move that has been criticized by the operators themselves describing it as selfish, malicious with intention to interfere with businesses.

I was so disappointed when I watched him on NBS TV station swearing to block the processes.

“Wallali Billahi Tallahi” I will not allow registration of Boda-boda take place,” Lukwago said.

According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics, over 70 percent of Ugandans use boda-boda as their main means of transport on a daily basis, therefore the population needs to feel safe when using them.

So, the Lord Mayor needs to think had and rethink his stand about fighting a program that benefits local population.

The writer is a Kampala based business lady at Owino market

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