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When Kakwenza, the novelist drowns in own shadow of sweetness

If you “live in someone’s shadow,” you feel hidden, as if nobody notices you, and like you can never be good enough.

This is what has happened to Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, a self-exiled novelist when he got overwhelmed with huge demands for upkeep from his several mothers to his children.

Kakwenza fled to Germany at the pretext of running away from torture and unfair treatment by state agents, a short-lived claim he used to hoodwink his sympathizers.

Pressure was mounting on him from the different Baby mamas to take responsibility for the children he produced with them.

Kakwenza “a celebrated novelist” used the alleged torture as a cover up to escape and run away from his parental responsibilities.

Society believed this veritable Casanova when he kept on lamenting that government was after him, little did society know that he had been caught up with the consequences of his unquenchable sexual urge and just fleeing from huge bills of kids’ upkeep.

And baby mamas were demanding for up keep and him to take responsibility.

Kakwenza has fashioned a number of children not with his known wife Eva, but other numerous ladies whom he does not provide with support, when demands intensified the guy fled to Germany.

Few days ago, his former ally, Anne Whitehead exposed his dirt on the social media.

“I also won’t support defend misogynistic men who routinely abuse women just because they’re also known to advocate for social rights. I stand against both torture and abuse of women,” She tweeted.

Baby Mama’s approached Stella Nyanzi seeking for her advice, since she is a close friend of Kakwenza. She advised them by saying “It’s hard to be friends with a man who does not use condoms, a married friend of mine does not wear condoms when he has sex with women who are not his wife”.

It should be noted that Kakwenza is often seen in the company of Nyanzi who is his current soul mate, as she states in her article.

“Whenever I meet this friend of mine with love –stuck women who are not his wife, I warn them to be careful about their lives with him,” She noted.

According to Nyanzi, Kakwenza after impregnating these women who are not his wife, neglected them and soon fled to Germany when they started over putting demands for upkeep.

Nyanzi wondered why Kakwenza opted to abandon all his children and now he has only had his lawyer process passports for his children with Eva, leaving the other baby mamas stranded with their babies.

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