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We Are Ready To Deal With Any Rioters – Police To NUP

The Uganda Police has according to Spokesperson Fred Enanga intercepted credible intelligence that the National unity Platform intends to hold demonstrations to mark the anniversary of the 2020 riots in Kampala.
According to Enanga, the Police is ready and well equipped this time round to deal with any trouble causers and organizers of illegal processions and demonstrations.
The revelation by Police comes on the same day as the NUP leadership was holding a Press conference at its Kamwokya headquarters to announce the next steps.
The Police says they are working under the Public Order Management Act which guides them to prevent such activities that may endanger the lives of innocent by standers.
Over 900 rioters and looters were arrested in the aftermath that resulted in the unfortunate death of 52 people.
Over 700 people were charged and court cases are still ongoing over the matter.
Investigations into the stray bullets are still ongoing and the issue is also running in court. The Attorney General’s office is also still holding investigations into the 22 people who were wrongly hurt by stray bullets.
The Police also notes that the acts of rioting were deliberate by selfish actors who attacked innocent people and robbed others. Whereas the rioters were not identifying themselves as NUP supporters, the party has come out to claim most of the victims as such.
Police also says that it has had a lot to learn from previous engagements with violent rioters and as such is reader to deal with any such organizations. All guns from the Police are clearly marked by firearm bio-metrics and as such bullets from Police guns can easily be identified and the holders of the guns identified.
Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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