LC1 Officer Charged with Economic Sabotage as URA Finds Smuggled Items at His home

Smuggled goods at the home of the LC1
Smuggled goods at the home of the LC1

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement unit has confiscated several assorted smuggled goods at the home of a Local Council 1 (LC1) officer of Kinyakore village in Kyotera district.

According to the URA enforcement team, they were led to the home of the LC1 house following intelligence reports by an informant. They then made a call to him on the phone to come and open the store, all in vain.

“He declined and asked the team if we had an appointment with him. We then made another to the police, who responded immediately, and the store was opened,” the enforcement team said.

URA confirmed several assorted items locked away in a store at the LCI place, and these included:

30 cartons of Santa Lucia spaghetti made in Tanzania, 5 cartons of crystal bic pens from Tanzania, 1 carton of ivory sweets made in Tanzania, 2 cartons of beution crème from DRC, 27 packets of diproson crème from DRC, and 12 pieces of Clair for men from Tanzania

store of the LC1 full of Smuggled goods
store of the LC1 full of Smuggled goods

In addition, 16 cartons of Afrocare perfume from Tanzania 23 cartons of petroleum jelly from Tanzania, 8 cartons of family care from Tanzania, and 1 carton and 3 dozen of body luxe petroleum jelly were found in the store.

They noted that the contraband galore was taken to the URA Masaka office for offense management proceedings.