Unceasing NRM achievements escalating President Museveni’s regional popularity


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Early this week, the Forum for Democratic Change party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat was left agape by the gigantic crowd that welcomed and ushered President Yoweri Museveni into Kigali.

Last week, President Museveni was in Rwandan capital Kigali during the CHOGM-2022 engagements where he wooed a number of potential investors to Uganda and Africa at large.

As usual, Oboi Amuriat, the former presidential candidate during the 2021 election failed to hold his apparent political hatred against NRM achievements after witnessing the triumphant crowd that welcomed H.E Kaguta.

Through his twitter handle, the faded FDC political guru was shocked to realize that President Museveni’s popularity has grown beyond Kampala.

“Looks like the man is popular in Rwanda and not here. Who in Kampala or elsewhere in Uganda would run that madly even if they had never seen him before. If your ‘until 2036’ is for here then you dialed the wrong no. I prefer that our neighbors have him,” he tweeted.

Like a sane political figure whom we thought, Oboi ought to believe that popularity is not only gauged through social media likes and retweets rather your individual contribution to the nation and the region.

It should be noted that President Museveni’s contribution within the region has continued to grow over the years.

With no doubt, President Museveni is by large the most prominent and popular president in East Africa due to his endless contributions in security, peace and stability.

Like the Bible says in the book of Job 1:6 where God called his Angels to assign them duties, even Satan presented himself.

So as others jubilated and praised President Museveni for the achievements, this didn’t stop people like the FDC party leader, Oboi Amuriat from posting negative posts on social media.

Amuriat has forgotten the fact that even in his own home trading center of Otuboi, not even a single person would run to come and see him passing however much he may try to walk on foot for miles.

In life, one’s popularity is built on his/her achievements and not the number of chats/posts on social media. Let’s learn to give credit where it’s due.



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