UK Parliament Ditches Kyagulanyi, Endorses Ssenyonyi as Potential Ugandan President for 2026 Elections


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The United Kingdom (UK) Parliament has withdrawn its support for Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, and instead declared Joel Ssenyonyi as its preferred candidate for the upcoming 2026 presidential general elections in Uganda.

During a televised parliamentary session, one of the UK’s Ministers expressed the belief that Ssenyonyi, the current leader of the opposition and a prominent figure in the National Unity Platform (NUP) party, is the most suitable candidate to lead Uganda.

The minister commended Ssenyonyi’s impressive educational background, exceptional oratory skills, extensive knowledge, and composed demeanor. In contrast, they criticized Kyagulanyi for speaking out of context and lacking understanding in areas such as governance, democracy, foreign policy, and fiscal matters.

The decision to endorse Ssenyonyi was rooted in the UK Parliament’s support for multi-party democracy in Uganda.

“In a bid to encourage the growth of multiparty politics in Uganda, we have identified Joel Ssenyonyi as a brave and competent leader. We believe he is the most viable candidate for the 2026 presidential general elections compared to Kyagulanyi, who failed to bring about change through.”The minister declared

It is important to note that recent tensions between the UK and Uganda have arisen due to the former pressuring the latter to support homosexuality. The UK government has imposed sanctions on some Ugandan officials, warning of aid withdrawal if the anti-homosexuality campaign persists.

The decision to endorse an opposition figure like Ssenyonyi as a presidential candidate has raised questions among Ugandans about foreign influence in their nation’s political affairs.

“Colonialism again; I thought Uganda was a sovereign state,” expressed one of the Ugandans on X.

According to sources, the response within NUP circles has been mixed, with some members congratulating Ssenyonyi while others view his endorsement with skepticism, considering it a betrayal of their cause.

“Once the video containing the news was shared among the circles of NUP and its leadership, there has been an ongoing tension between the Ssenyonyi and Kyagulanyi royalists, and I can honestly tell you that it is not good; there is a storm brewing, and when it explodes, there will be trouble since the principle had already started strategizing for the 2026 general elections, but it looks like the white man has lost trust in him, which is why they have handpicked him (Ssenyonyi),” the source revealed.

Many Ugandans have taken to social media to express their concerns about the UK’s involvement in selecting a Ugandan leader. They argue that these actions resemble colonialism, as if Uganda is still under the control of foreign powers.

“The British want to install Ssenyonyi to rule their protectorate; history is repeating itself,” a Ugandan posted on X.

Criticisms of the NUP leadership for allegedly aligning with the interests of the UK and compromising the sovereignty of Uganda have continued to rise on social media platforms.

The controversy surrounding the UK Parliament’s interference in Ugandan politics is likely to remain a topic of discussion among both domestic and international observers. We will continue to keep you updated on further developments.

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