Uganda’s Opposition has no Moral Authority to Oppose NRM


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The ongoing crackdown on corrupt Members of Parliament (MPs) has exposed the dirty deals, double standards, and hypocritical tendencies of the opposition parties and their leaders in Uganda.

Over time, the opposition leaders have been pretending to be pro-people and disguising themselves as fighting the anti-development vices that are against the survival of the common Ugandan. They have gone ahead to brand NRM as a corrupt party that has no will to fight corruption and usher in development.

In the turn of events, it has been unearthed that these opposition leaders are actually more corrupt, selfish, and scandalous compared to the NRM they have been opposing. Ideally, the opposition MPs have been playing to the gallery as they loot the country’s resources.

It has not shocked many Ugandans that the former Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP), committee chairpersons, and other opposition members formed a racket aimed at swindling government resources. These officials sometimes connive with the NRM MPs to steal tax payers’ money but later go to the media to pretend as if they are fighting the same.

The same opposition has been using the same trick of pretending to fight a corrupt regime to solicit funds from their unsuspecting supporters and international funders. Whether they still have the moral authority to talk about corruption is a question that will be answered over time. The crackdown has indeed exposed many and opened the eyes of Ugandans.

As Ugandans, we now understand that our opposition is a corrupt entity even before we vote them into power, so why trust them? It is a painful experience that these leaders gave us false hopes, but they have finally proved to be worse than the party they oppose. This is a confirmation that the current internal fights in the opposition parties are actually caused by selfish interests, fighting for resources and positions.

Now that Ugandans know them, do they still have a chance to give false hopes? The NRM has started to show their will to fight the anti-people vices; it is time for them to crack a whip on these corrupt Ugandans expeditiously until we have a corrupt, free country. It is over for the opposition; they can no longer deceive Ugandans since we now know who they are. They, therefore, have no moral authority to talk about corruption, and neither do they have the moral authority to oppose the NRM. We are watching.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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