Uganda’s Mouthwatering Rolex, a Street Delicacy of All Time


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Following an article written by Emmanuel Onyango and Miriam Watsem from BBC News on January 29th , 2022, Uganda’s huge Rolex set a Guinness World Record as the world’s largest Rolex. It weighed 204.6 kg (32 st 3 lb) and was 2.32 m (10 ft 6 in) long.

I am not speaking of the famous Swiss watch brand; I am speaking of Rolex, a Ugandan snack. I remember a friend of mine wearing a t-shirt with these words engraved on it: In Uganda, we don’t wear Rolex; we eat them.

Rolex derives its name from “rolled eggs.” Originally made in Uganda, it is a snack influenced by the Asian community that came to East Africa in the late 19th century to build the railway and stayed. These people introduced the chapatti, so the Rolex is a combination of a chapatti, vegetables, and eggs.

The other ingredients depend on the money in your pocket; you can order a Rolex with even five eggs if you wish. These Rolexes can be found on most Ugandan streets.

“I have had arguments with my friends about which Rolex is better, the street Rolex or the Rolex made at home? The one made from the road for some reason is sweeter than the one made from home. While the one made at home may seem cleaner, one knows what he or she is putting in it and can add what they want. But now there is a new class of Rolexes called the Ugaroll.The future of tradition is here; Uganda’s favorite classic meal has been redefined and has never tasted better,” Jose Odhiambo, a student at Makerere University, said.

The Ugaroll is quite different, unlike the street Rolex, where the meat is added to the Rolex, giving it an exotic taste, as with the Beef Rolex, Hawaiian Rolex, Barbecue Chicken Rolex, and the ordinary. It has a thick sauce that adds taste, according to Odhiambo.

“My final verdict is whichever tourist comes to Uganda, don’t leave Uganda without tasting the Rolex especially the Ugaroll but I also want whenever you go back home from your visit in Uganda feel free to try this Ugandan street food Rolex recipe,” he said.

How to cook the Rolex recipe

Chapatti (which can be substituted with a flour tortilla if you don’t want to start from scratch):

Ingredients and tools:
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
water (any temperature)
pinch of salt
rolling board and stick

1. Put the flour into a pot or pan and add a pinch of salt to the mixture.
2. Slowly add water as you knead the dough until it doesn’t stick to your fingers any more.
3. Portion small balls of dough.
4. Using a rolling stick, roll out the balls into a circular piece (large and thinly-rolled) of dough and roast it from both sides to your satisfaction.

Rolex extras:

1–5 eggs (depending on your preference and love for cholesterol)
pinch of salt
small handful of shredded cabbage
3-4 thin slices of tomato
3-5 thin rings of onion
cooking oil.


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