Uganda’s Maiden Satelite will enhance Resource Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment in Uganda’s Oil and Gas Industry


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Today November 6, 2022, Uganda launches  her maiden satelite which was designed and built by Engineers; Edgar Mujuni, Derick Tebusweke and Bonny Omara. The trio were trained by the BIRDS-5 project of the Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan.

Named PearlAfricaSat-1, the satelite  comes at a very crucial time when Uganda’s Oil and Gas Industry needs a reliable mechanism for its resource planning as well  as an impact assessment tool to successfully harness Uganda’s oil deposits.

In a statement  released, Dr Monica Musenero Masanza, Minister for Science Technology and Innovation is optimistic that with the satelite’s launch, the above shortcomings will be history.

”The satelite will play a vital role in planning, resource management and environmental impact assessment in Uganda’s Oil and Gas Industry,” says Dr Musenero.

PearlAfricaSat-1 will be first, launched to the international space station, and will be subsequently deployed into low earth orbit in December 2022.

Dr Musenero says the satelite  has a multisectoral camera payload that will provide  research and observation high- resolution image  data. The camera will support weather forecasting, land, water, mineral mapping, agriculture,  monitoring, border  security and disaster prevention.

” Prediction of weather, water quality, soil, fertility, landslides and droughts will  be efficiently  managed, adds Dr Musenero.

The Japanese Kyushu Institute of Technology, since 2015, has been carrying out the BIRDS-5 project, a constellation of CubeSats developed by Uganda, Zimbabwe  and Japan with a goal of fostering  long term sustainable space organization in participating  nations.

PearlAfricaSat-1’s Earth Station  is being  set up at Mpooma, Mukono for  efficient  managent,  command and control ‘by Ugandans’.







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