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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Uganda’s legendry ASP Cheptegei wins another gold medal in Oregon, USA

Uganda’s flag Black,Yellow,and Red was on Sunday evening raised high following a gigantic win by the super golden ASP Joshua  Cheptegei  during the ongoing Commonwealth games in Oregon, United States America. 

Cheptegei participated in the ongoing Commonwealth  games 10,000 meters run and emerged the golden winner on Sunday evening around 11pm. 

He took on his footie ability where he fearlessly  achieved his golden award within 27 minutes , 27 seconds and 43 micro seconds (37:27;43) ahead of other athletes , a move that outrightly put him into the 2022 gold bracket.   

Cheptegei  is expected to participate in the forthcoming  5000 meters male’s marathon  competition scheduled in few days. 

He is the first gold medalist during the 2022 Commonwealth games competitions. This isn’t the first time when Joshua Cheptegei is emerging the gold medalist.

His running mate Jacob Kiplimo emerged the third winner and grabbed bronze medal at 27:27:93.

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