Uganda’s Best Kept Secret; It’s Magnificent Islands


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Uganda is a beautiful country with over 90 islands that are breath taking; these islands are a treasure hoard of unexpected delights. From the sandy beaches, fishing, swimming, nature walks on private islands, birding, horseback riding, biking, biking, to fishing, boating, wind surfing, and sunset cruises, various adventures await you on Uganda’s many islands. 

The Ssese islands 

These beautiful islands are a piece of paradise surrounded by water in a landlocked country. The Islands are found on Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the world which is shared by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

These islands beam with white sand, palm trees, flowers, rare plants, lush forests and blue waters, they have a perfect atmosphere for photography, offer a serene, quiet environment away from the noisy city. 

Buggala Island

Is the biggest island in Uganda, covering a distance of 296kms, bordered by Mukono on the east, Mpigi on the north Masaka and Rakai on the west, DRC and Tanzania on the south.

Its town is called Kalangala, which serves as the headquarters of the district that carries same name; it is located 51kms across water south west of Entebbe in wakiso.

But you won’t know how relaxing it can be until you lie in a hammock on pure white sand beach on Lake Victoria or visit Lake Bunyonyi with its amazing daydream islands. 

Ngamba Island commonly referred to as ‘Chimp Island’

Ngamba Island is a tiny island in Uganda’s Lake Victoria; it is approximately 100 acres in total, with 98 of those being covered by a rain forest. The Chimpanzee sanctuary draws many people to this location, which is located 23 kilometers from Entebbe.

Orphaned chimpanzees from all around Uganda that can’t be released back into the wild are cared for at the Ngamba Island in Lake Victoria and it welcomes visitors to take guided tours of the island.

Bubembe Island

The island found in the region of kalangala, with rich cultural history, is home to rare plants, woods, and wetlands. The largely unspoiled landscape is home to a wide variety of avian species, including the whale-headed stork, herons, geese, grey parrots, kingfishers, fish eagles, weaver birds, flycatchers, hornbills, Waterbucks, hippos, crocodiles, colobusmonkeys, vervet monkeys, and gorgeous butterflies. These are a few of the wildlife that can be marveled at on Bubembe Island.

Bukasa Island

This is the second-largest island on Lake Victoria.

Many people think it is one of the most beautiful places on the lake. Monkeys and birds abound in the island’s dense forests. Attractions include a forest-encircled plunge pool with a waterfall.

Uganda, is definitely a blessed country, with just these five mentioned  islands, one can have  a fully packed vacation with variety of things to see, do, and enjoy. Do not miss out on lots of fun while visiting  Uganda, make  the islands a ‘must’ visit.

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