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Ugandans Should Take Terror Warnings Serious

Ugandans Should Take Terror Warnings Serious

Last week the U.S government through the Ugandan embassy issued a terror attack warning.  Though the embassy could not provide substantive evidence of the threat, it pointed out that they suspect that the attack could be carried out in places frequented by American in Uganda.

The warning was awash media houses and social media platforms which made it effective as far as reaching as many people as possible but the question is how cautious and serious do the Ugandans take these warning.

The Public needs to take lessons from history and remain pro actively alert against any suspicious tendencies.  This must not be a coincidence that the U.S government is warning at a time when the home Security organization ISO issued a terror attack warning with a list of the suspected terrorists who are Afghan Nationals. Ugandans have to be alert and keep watch.

In the Westgate attack in Kenya, the government had been warned of the attack. In February this year, the U.S issued a terror attack in Kenya claiming that the extremists could be targeting the Westerners. Reports also indicate that ISIS has established a camp in the DRC especially in Bovata,Beni where they claimed responsibility of an attack that left eight Congolese soldiers and civilians.

According to Alein Bauer and John Paul Suvillian editors of Terrorism early warning Contemporary terrorist networks challenge state institutions and global security however the effects of terrorism are long due and break down communities, therefore citizens must cooperate with the state in dealing with this threat.

The Explorer has published the Security alert in its original form below;

Security Alert- United States Embassy Kampala, Uganda

Location: Uganda

Event: Possible attacks in areas frequented by Americans.

There are rumors of impending attacks in areas frequented by expats within East Africa, including Uganda.  The Embassy has no substantiating evidence of the threat or information on the timing, but nonetheless warns citizens to take the precautions outlined below.

Actions to Take:

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid crowds.
  • Monitor media for updates.
  • Stay alert in locations frequented by tourists/Westerners.


U.S. Embassy Kampala, Uganda


+256-414-306-001 (after hours)


State Department Consular Affairs

888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444



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