Ugandans Should Learn To Work And Shun Political Opportunists


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In Uganda, it is very common for local politicians aspiring for political offices to use unsuspecting electorates to attain their personal success and other political achievements at the expense of the latter.

On 10th.December.2021, Barbra Itungo the wife to Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) the leader of National Unity Platform informed the world through her social media handles, that she had attained a much deserved Master’s Degree in Human Rights from the University of London.

She was quoted as saying; β€œI am most grateful to my husband Bobi Wine for the full and unreserved support! You are my Rock”.

This comes months after the Secretary General of National Unity Platform David Lewis Rubongoya graduated with a Master of Studies in International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Kiiza Besigye’s son, Anselm Besigye also recently graduated from Harvard University and the poor Ugandans always forfeit their precious time and fail to work for the future of their children while these politicians use them as stepping stones to achieve their political goals.

Since the National Unity Platform became a Leading political party in Uganda we have seen the top Leadership holding expensive weddings, birthday showers, driving luxurious cars and building mansions.

The people of Uganda should embrace government’s programs to alleviate themselves from poverty and shun these opportunistic politicians. Before joining these political outfits, one should always try to understand their lifestyle and financial worth. People have been deprived of working time just because they are following a person whose son lives or studies in the USA or the United Kingdom.

An ideal politician is the one who is an extravert, conscientious, open and more honest to his or her voters.

The Ugandan politicians should encourage our people to work and embrace government programs than spreading false propaganda and false hope while living luxurious lives, should help the population to fight poverty and prosper.


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