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Ugandan Youths Should Embrace Agriculture for Development

The Agricultural Sector continues to be the most important sector in Uganda; it employs approximately 69% of the population and contributed about 26% to the GDP in 2017/18.

Poverty reduction among households working in agriculture accounts for 76% of the national poverty reduction observed between 2015 and 2018. This underscores the important role the sector plays in creating lucrative livelihoods, especially given that it currently employs about 69% of the population.

As the backbone of Uganda’s economy, the sector also contributes to over 70% of Uganda’s export earnings and provides the bulk of the raw materials for predominantly agro-based industries.

Almost two thirds of the agricultural income growth of households is attributable to modern farming techniques and practices as well as favorable weather.

There have been immense strides taken in recent years to improve our agricultural sector;

  • The government has tried to extend affordable financial grants and loans to farmers to enable them acquire necessary infrastructure to promote transformation and modernization of commercial agricultural production.
  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries has also signed long term contracts with certified animal breeders for the multiplication of improved breeds of livestock as well as OWC with the provision and extension of services across the country.
  • Improved Commercial farming in both crops and animal industries, as well as aquaculture
  • Introduction of Value addition in Agro-food industries.
  • Manufacturing of inputs especially fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Introduction of Cold storage facilities and logistics.
  • Farm Machinery manufacturing and assembly.
  • Branding and Packaging.

These have already made a significant contribution to the economic prosperity of Uganda.

Therefore, Uganda’s agricultural development has boosted its economy through provision of food for the growing non-agricultural labor force, raw materials for industrial production, saving tax revenue, earning foreign exchange and provision of a growing market for domestic manufactures.

With that being said, I think agriculture has enormous potential for alleviating poverty, needs youthful energy and passionate team players. So it’s up to us the youth to change our attitude and exploit the many available opportunities which are present in the Agriculture sector.

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