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Uganda Tops African Countries In Fight Against Hepatitis B

Uganda is the only Country in Africa to hit the World Health Organization (WHO) Target in the fight against Hepatitis B

According to the New score card launched by WHO, Uganda has surpassed the target in the areas of ensuring access, treatment and awareness creation.

Uganda has spent more than USD 3 Million on fighting the virus per year since 2015  and WHO has hopes that by 2020 over 5 Million people will be immunized against the deadly Virus.

The scorecard suggests that Uganda is in total awareness of the Virus and on the road map to wipe it from the scene. “Over 30 per cent of the population that is infected with Hepatitis B are aware of their status and can have access to free medication,” the score card reads in Parts.

World Health organization officials say that Most other African countries have Hepatitis B and C care at Tertially and specialist centers however on a small scale compared to Uganda’s demonstration of determination to eliminate the virus.

Hepatitis B spreads through blood and bodily fluids including mother to child transmission. It attacks the liver and kills approximately 1.4 million people every year across the world.

The founder of the Uganda’s national Organization for people living with Hepatitis B said that one can live a full dignified life with Hepatitis B, however encourages prevention through vaccination  especially in the newly borns and testing for the adults.  

Uganda and Tanzania are countries with more than 100000 children with chronic hepatitis B however Kenya has the highest overall prevalence in  East Africa.



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