Uganda, The Paragon of Beauty


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As the festive season nears, take a break and visit a country lonely planet called “Africa condensed into one country”.

A country of rolling green hills, misty valleys and craggy mountains. Where Lions stalk their prey through grasslands, hippos soak lazily in the shallows, and mountain gorillas move purposefully through tangled forests.

Where the calm waters of Lake Victoria transform into the thundering rapids of the River Nile as it makes its way across Africa.

Uganda is Like an exceptional natural Pearl created by nature with no need for polishing or cutting by man as Winston Churchill said it better in his book “My African Journey” he said; “Uganda is a fairy tale.

The scenery is different, the climate is different, and most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa, for magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life, bird, insect, Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa”.

Some of the few breath-taking features that describe Uganda as an epitome of beauty;

Hiking in Sipi Falls; situated in the foothills of Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda, Sipi Falls is a relaxed hill town that makes a great location for a weekend break. Thanks to its fresh mountain air, rolling hills and craggy cliffs, it’s popular with adventure enthusiasts especially hikers, climbers and hill runners.

Kampala; Most people come to Uganda for the wildlife and scenery but most trips will start or end in Kampala. It’s the beating heart of the country, full of vibrancy, hustle and bustle, compact and well-organized with plenty to see and do.

Learn about the last resting place of the former Kings of Buganda at the Kasubi Tombs, shop for souvenirs or African art in one of the many craft markets and art galleries or avoid traffic by hooping on the back of a boda-boda and whizzing across the city.

Lake Bunyonyi; It’s Located in the far west of Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi is a charming place to spend a day or two relaxing.

This stunningly pretty Lake is dotted with dozens of islands with fascinating dark stories like the punishment Island, where girls who got pregnant out of wedlock were abandoned to die, Leprosy Island which used to be a leper colony run by a Scottish missionary.

Fall asleep to the gentle sounds of nature, wake to birdsong, relax during the day with short walks or swimming in the Lake and stuff yourself silly with the restaurant’s amazing food.

Lake Mburo National Park; About a four-hour drive west of Kampala, Lake Mburo is the smallest of Uganda’s Savannah national parks. It’s mostly home to herbivores like antelopes, zebras and buffalo’s.

This means that it’s a much safer place to roam around than the other parks, making it the ideal spot for outdoor activities like horseback riding, mountain biking or bird-spotting walks without a risk of being trampled on or turned into a tasty meal for a big cat.

Entebbe; If you’re an international tourist, Entebbe is where your trip to Uganda will start and end. But the town is more than just a hub for the airport, it’s also a peaceful retreat right on the shores of Lake Victoria.

During the day, enjoy the peaceful greenery and bird life of the Botanical Gardens, if crocodiles or snakes are your thing head for the Reptiles village where you can see some of the most poisonous snakes.

In the evening, wander along the shores of Lake Victoria and have a meal at a lakeside restaurant while enjoying the fresh air and the sound of a local band.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre; Visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (or Entebbe Zoo) for a chance to come nose-to-nose with some of the planet’s most incredible creatures.

Far more than a zoo, UWEC is a wildlife sanctuary where animals rescued from poachers or the illegal pet trade are brought to be cared for until they can be released back into the wild.

These animals have been hand-raised by humans, and that means you can get close to them without fear. Do the behind the scenes tour for the chance to feed a giraffe, stroke a cheetah or make friends with an elephant.

Source of The Nile; The River Nile is the longest river in the world over 4000 miles long and runs all the way from Uganda at its most southern end to the Mediterranean Sea in the North. Take a guided boat ride upstream onto Lake Victoria where you can see the bubbles a s it rises out of the Lake as it begins its journey north.

Indulge Your Taste Buds with Unique Ugandan Delicacies; Uganda is the ideal food hub for any visitor who is a sworn foodie. Don’t miss to indulge your taste buds with mouthwatering traditional Ugandan dishes such as Matooke and groundnuts, Luwombo (beef, chicken or groundnuts cooked in banana fibers) and the famous edible ‘Rolex’ a Chapatti that is rolled with an omelet and vegetables like cabbage, onions and tomatoes.

Ugandan Music; Uganda has a vibrant music scene, which is influenced by Local and African sounds.

Two of the most traditional genres are Kidandali which features the use of typical Ugandan sounds and samples and Kadongo Kamu which means ‘one little guitar’ and is based around the acoustic guitar.

In Kampala there are plenty of opportunities to hear live bands performing all kinds of music, try Club Obbligato or the Uganda National Theater for local bands.

Order for that ticket, spare some money and in this festive season include Uganda on your travel bucket and experience firsthand the wonders of nature and you will agree with Expert Insider’s 2016 ranking of Uganda as Africa’s Most Attractive Country to live in.



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