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Uganda, Sudan rallies President Kiir, Dr.Riek to expedite peace agreements

Uganda and Sudan  governments have expressed concerns about the continued delay by both SPLA in government and SPLA in Opposition to successfully implement  the Juba peace agreements. 

They want  both President Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Marchar to commit and embrace critical implementation of the agreements  to ensure peace and stability of South Sudan. 

Both Uganda and Sudan (Khartoum) are the guarantors to the agreements between President Kiir and Dr Riek. 

As part of the agreements, both President Kiir, and Dr Riek were required to enact a working Constitution, ensure strong security arrangements and conduct an elections to form a unifying government but these are yet to be achieved. 

They ( Kiir and Riek) are now seeking for an extension of more three years to have the above resolutions implemented. 

Uganda and Sudan being the guarantors to the agreements are currently holding bilateral talks to urgently craft immediate solutions. 

L-R Minister Oryem with the Sudan delegation leader

On Thursday,  the delegations from the two countries met in Kampala at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort and extensively discussed various issues where they resolved on the possible solutions to facilitate the effective implementation of the peace agreements. 

Amb Ogwang and other members of Uganda delegation during the Thursday meeting at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort

Uganda’s delegation was led by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and International  Cooperation, Henry Okello Oryem, and his entourage included , H.E. Dr. Yahaya Rashid Ssemudu (PhD), the Uganda’s Ambassador to Sudan,and  Amb. Dickson Ogwang, the Deputy Ambassador of Uganda in Khartoum. 

H.E. Dr. Rashid Yahaya Ssemudu and Amb. Dickson Ogwang received Sudan’s Foreign Minister with H.E. Ahmed Ibrahim.

“As the guarantors to the Juba peace agreements, Uganda and Khartoum are concerned about the lack of commitment from both SPLA in government and SPLA in opposition,” Minister Okello Oryem asserted. 

Minister Oryem noted that lack of commitment from the two principles may jeopardise the peace processes. 

Both Uganda and Sudan are concerned about the delay to enact a working Constitution saying it may continue impeding the contributions by the regional governments to restore lasting peace and stability in South Sudan. 

The Sudan delegation led by the acting Foreign Affairs Minister, Ali Elsadiq  including, Brigadier  Ezeldeen Osman Taha Afaki from Ministry of Defence, Amb Awad Alkareem Al Rayb Balla, the Director of South Sudan in the department of foreign affairs, and Sudan Ambassador in Kampala, H.E. Ambassador Ahmed Ibrahim. 

Amb. Ssemudu hosted Sudan’s Foreign Minister and his delegation for a Social Diplomacy activity at his residence.

Others were, Brigadier Mohamed Ahmed Ambassador Oor Nasir and Brigadier Ibrahim Zainalabdeen Ibrahim. 

According to Oryem, Uganda is concerned  about the instability  and committed to support every effort to restore lasting peace in South Sudan. 

He says holding election and forming unifying government is critical in the restoration of peace and stabilising  the Country. 

Oryem called for total commitment from both Dr Riek and President Kiir to guarantee reasonable and lasting peace in the war ravaged country. 

“ With South Sudan facing instability, Uganda and other neighbouring countries shall continue to bear burdens including hosting a huge number of refugees therefore as Uganda, we are committed to ensure that the Juba peace talk agreements are successfully implemented to the dot,”Minister Oryem said. 

He notes that the two South Sudanese government principles including Dr Riek and President Kiir must be in good talking terms and engage closely if the Juba peace agreements are to be achieved. 

Regional governments have also  observed that for an election to be held in South Sudan, there must be a good working Constitution, a move that can only be achieved once the two principles are in good talking terms, according to the Minister.

As of now there are  no seems clear indications that the elections and enacting working constitutions can be achieved soon. 

South Sudan government currently under President Kiir and Dr.Riek has also been faulted for not being concerned about expediting the implementation of Juba peace agreements. 

Other issues that have prominently been  raised  by the guarantors include South Sudan authority being reluctantly  concerned about the plight of their citizens staying within the neighbouring countries as refugees. 

President Museveni  is slated to hold talks with President Salva Kiir this week and shall also hold talks with the Khartoum delegation over the same matter.

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