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Uganda National Meteorological Authority Warns Of Heavy Rains in Northern, Eastern and Mid-Western Uganda

The Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA), has warned of a drastic change in high rain downpours in Northern, Eastern and parts of the Mid-Western parts of the country relatively to the rest of the country. The rest of the country is expected to receive occasional rainfall during the forecast period.

The statement released by the Ag. Executive Director, Mr. David W. Elweru, indicates that the rainfall activities will be expected in areas in areas of West Nile, Acholi, Lango, Karamoja, parts of Eastern and Mid-Western Uganda in the month of August.

The meteorological authority advised farmers in Northern Uganda to continue planting and weeding their crops while farmers in south expect to start preparing their fields in anticipation of the second rainy season.

“In the North, the moderate rains will lead to improvement in foliage and pasture for livestock while in southern parts,” the statement read.

The authority also advised the veterinary doctors and agricultural extension workers to continue monitoring and reporting any emergencies of animal diseases, parasites and pests that might arise during the period.

The statement also warns of a persistence of cooler than normal Sea Surface Temperature (SST) over the central Equatorial Pacific Ocean.

“During the month of August 2022, the northern hemisphere high pressure systems are expected to intensify significantly, while their counterparts in the southern hemisphere are expected to relax allowing the rain making mechanism ( Inter Tropical convergence zone ITCZ) to continue shifting southward ls over Uganda,” Elweru added.

This is likely to drift rains to southern parts of the country during the month of August.

The authority calls upon hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities to stock up on flu and cough medication.

The authority also warned that there were still chances of flooding in the mentioned regions.  

“Chances of flooding are still likely in low-lying areas including urban centers with poor drainage systems, especially in the north where enhanced rains are expected,” the statement continued.

The warning comes after the Eastern part of the country has been receiving heavy downpours leading to floods and deaths of over 25 people.

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