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The West Has An Ideological Deficiency Towards Africa – Museveni To Eu Delegation.

The west has a problem. There is nothing that we in Africa don’t know, either here or in Europe, so there is nothing that they have access to in regards to information that we don’t.

The deficit I see with Europeans is in philosophy. I don’t see the west as enemies but rather what happens is that you involve yourselves in matters that you don’t have a good understanding in especially the internal affairs of our country.

Either way even if you had understanding in these issues, you should not engage yourselves in them. It is not being enemies but rather mishandling that may lead to serious consequences like it happened in Congo. Iddi Amin was supported and promoted by some groups to take power in Uganda but for us we resisted from the time go.

When the riots happened (November 2020), they were attacking security using pangas and 32 were shot in due process. We can account for all those who lost their lives during those riots.

We are not enemies of the Europeans as they are our very good friends especially the ordinary people.

With the European union, we don’t have a joint supervisory body that can consult us whenever they think we have gone wrong somewhere. When you have a partnership with someone, you consult with them.

Not push them around like we have seen recently. The European union parliament has no mandate to do the kind of the things they are threatening us with.

When we agree to have cooperation we don’t agree to transfer sovereignty and so it is not in order to interpret and condemn without consultation of your partner. We should be equal partners in this relationship. These veiled political threats should stop in exchange for dialogue and engagement. Thank you.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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