The Unity Exhibited in Handling Covid19 Best Tool to Curb Homosexuality


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The allegations of same sex vice have left different institutions in a state of panic including, schools, churches, universities among others.

Kudos to the government which has so far stood high to establish committees to investigate the matter in host spot areas thereafter to take appropriate actions against the anti-nature behavior.

However, halting homosexuality, should be a collective responsibility where all institutions like universities, colleges, schools, churches, mosques, village councils, family heads among others ought to team up with the government in pulling down the vice.

While heading to church last Sunday I saw how churches, mosques, schools, universities, bars among others were shut, everyone became a steward of the SOPs, the old and the young could explain how to avoid the virus.

Different slogans like “Tonsembelera” (don’t come near me) emerged, new greeting gestures were adopted by the public in order to stop the spread of the virus. In truth, it’s impossible to forget the practical changes that came with the pandemic.

If we import such vigor in fighting against the emerging homosexuality, then we can be sure of the triumph over the vice.

It’s time for parents, religious leaders, political leaders, teachers, doctors, and everyone in their capacities to break silence about Homosexuality.

On Sunday 22nd January 2023, in the church service in Seeta, the preacher revealed that as children get into puberty, they begin to question their identity in terms of sex stating that this should be the best stage for them to be exposed to right information concerning sex issues.

The preacher called upon all institutions to unite in order to have an amplified voice against homosexuality.

“We thank the government for taking a step to fight this vice however, Ugandans should speak one language against the matter. We should resurrect the unity we had in fighting covid19 to be able to get out of this storm,” preacher said.

The growing vice can be stomped out of Uganda if we all work together to say no to this crime and sin.



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