The Story of Israelites against God and Uganda’s Opposition against Govt Crackdown on Terrorism


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The book of Exodus in the Bible talks about how the Israelites were rescued from Egypt by Moses.

God had performed many miracles in Egypt for Pharaoh to finally release the Israelites.

It’s also written in the same book that when the Israelites reached in the wilderness, they rebelled against their God multiple times and worshiped other gods not taking into account that the same God had rescued them from slavery.

It was always Moses who reminded them about the power of their God but God himself also made miracles for them on the way like giving them food inform of manna from heaven, saving them from Pharaoh’s army by drowning them in the Red sea with all their chariots to using Moses’s walking stick to generate drinking water from the rock.

The twin bombings in Kampala and the noise made by some sections of Ugandans most especially the opposition leaders is not different from that of the Israelites.

This government rescued Uganda from the fangs of the dictatorial and oppressive regimes of Amin and Obote with a collapsed economy to now a peaceful and prosperous Uganda under the NRM government.

It has protected the people of Uganda against any aggression since 1986 through fighting rebel insurgencies like driving the ADF in South Western Uganda to Congo forests, the Lord’s resistance army in northern Uganda, the Alice Lakwena and many others.

Terrorism is now a global problem and many countries have tasted its wrath. According to the Global Terrorism Index produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace [IEP] the top 10 countries affected by terrorists include  DRC, The Philippines, Yemen, India, Somalia, Pakistan, Syria, Nigeria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Instead of pin-pointing fingers and spreading false narratives that government is fighting Islam, cooperation should be the duty of every Ugandan so that the perpetrators are brought to book as it was in the case of the 2001 September 11 attacks in USA, the 2008 Mumbai attacks in India or the 2013 West Gate shopping mall attack in Kenya .

For example in all these terror bombings above, people from these countries stood as one country behind their security forces to crack down on the attackers and apprehending them.

In Uganda, it is different, some opposition leaders have instead rose up in the support of the terrorists which is very unfortunate.

Despite the terror support and wish for more attacks by some opposition actors, Uganda remains safe though a few breaches in security may happen and these incidents occur but not every day just like in any other country in the world. The country will emerge victorious against these cowards.

Ugandans should not forget where this government rescued them and instead cooperate to bring stability in the country.

Cooperation in times of threats like this one should be the national main goal for all citizens of every country.


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