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The East African Federation: A Building Block for A United Africa We Should Guard Jealously

The federated sovereign East African country is currently composed of seven different sovereign states. That is to say Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With the Federal Republic of Somalia also applying to join the EAF, this means that the proposed Country will have the longest coastline on the African continent stretching from Somalia’s boarder coast with Djibouti to the North and South coasts of Mozambique respectively.

This means that the federation will give the land locked member states such as Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan direct access to the sea.

In addition to the longest coastline, The East African Federation will offer the most politically stable environment with access to the key maritime trade routes on the Africa’s east coast. With the joining of DRC, this will ease access to the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

In terms of size, the federation will be the largest state in Africa both in terms of population and land mass. With the population of about 281,050,447 million people without Somalia’s population, this will ensure steady market for goods produced within member states.

Furthermore, the federation will be the most populous state in Africa and the fourth in the whole world. Its population will be greater than that of Russia, Japan, Mexico and Indonesia just behind only China, India and the United States of America respectively.

According to African Outlook, the estimated GDP will be about $277 Billion making the Federation’s economy 34th largest in the whole world as well as 4th in Africa just after Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa. This makes the proposed federation a regional great power.

The International Monetary fund predicts that the East African shillings will be used as the common currency among the member states. With this Economic union, this will facilitate internal trade between the coastal communities and the densely populated areas of the great lakes region.

With the establishment of East African Federation standby force composed of troops from all member states with the mandate to ensure regional security, this will help to provide lasting peace within the great lakes region.

It is clear that the Federation will be one of the largest and strongest countries in the world and perhaps if not the first contender to become Africa’s Super power. 

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