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The Dingi-Dingi Acholi Traditional Dance

The Dingi-Dingi is a traditional dance for children’s from Acholi region northern Uganda. The name dingi-dingi is derived from the sound made by the small drums beaten by the drummers.

The dance is performed by an odd number of dancers who are led by a captain with a whistle.

The drummers work together with the captain who controls and give the flow of the entire dance.

The boys provide music by beating two small drums, one big drum and calabashes with wires to bring the beautiful rhythm.

The girls dance vigorously in linear and circular formations with their waists, hips and chests while raising their hands slightly above their waists.

The dance needs one to be is very energetic. At a certain point the drums are sounded at a very heavy and fast rhythm.

The dancers follow the captain’s whistle and stop immediately then a slower and a lazy rhyme to refresh the dancers for another session of vigorous dancing.

The main purpose and values of this dance is the show off the beauty of an African woman and feminine pride is expressed through shaking the waist, breasts and hips.

The dance can also communicate that the girls are growing and look at how flexible their waists are and they can also sway their breasts and hips.

Originally the dance was performed by girls below 15years but with a number of cultural changes, girls older than 15 can also perform the dance.

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