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CBS News reported on 12th March 2022, Black Ukraine refugees claimed they were being discriminated against as they tried to escape the Russian- Ukraine war. European Union has been called upon to ensure there is fair and humane treatment for all.

Human rights for all by the very individuals that have stripped our dear brothers and sisters of black origin of the very rights, especially at a time of war

We have heard of a saying, β€œDo as I say, not as I do.” this is the true and timely definition in the case of Russia and Ukraine. We continue to see advocates from Europe and America fighting for Human Rights and we have been taught in school the ideals, norms, and ideas of humanity.

The Nigerian Presidential spokesperson Garba Shehu also reported that, the Ukrainian police and security personnel refused to let Nigerians board buses and trains to Poland

Ethel Ansaeh Otto a student from Ghana said. “Mostly they would, they would consider White people first. White people first, Indian people, Arabic people before Black people,” defined what she saw and experienced.

This is the true definition of segregation, racism, betrayal, bigotry, sexism, and hatred of the black man by the white man has fully manifested itself truly and fully in the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

The blacks who were in Ukraine for different reasons; some on study tours, others for work and others on business trips, and some as residents who thought this was home ( due to the deception of Ukrainians that they welcome) have been awoken by a bitter and harsh reality that a black man has no place and rights in the white man world.


For starters, not only have they been denied exits from a conflict-raged Nation, denied access to the bomb bunkers, denied access to basic human rights, they have been stripped of their humanity and existence by rendering them as a human shield in the conflict.


What is happening in Ukraine, at one of the train stations, all Ukrainians were allowed aboard with all their pets (dogs, cats, mice, rats, birds) but the actual humans (blacks) were denied access and directly denied passage out of the Country.


So with all the firepower and air power and all bombardments expected from Russia, the Ukrainian government built bomb bunkers to shield its people from imminent death.


Just when you thought that a right to life was a right, not in this case. This right does not apply to a black man and black lady living in this Country. He/she is locked out) to face the wrath of the Russians.


The African Union, the Nigerian, and the South African Governments have spoken up against this vice in the strongest terms possible and yet the entire Western world more so the media has completely turned a deaf ear and blind eyes to the plea of the African child living in Ukraine.

They shall mention how bad Russia is and how wrong the decision to invade Ukraine was but shall not speak of or mention the injustice, the impunity, and the inhumane practices being carried out on our beloved Africans.


To my dismay, with all this happening, you still find very foolish political actors in this Country running to the very White man that is persecuting our very own in his country for redemption not knowing these foxes front one thing and one thing only, self-interest, self-benefit, and self gains.


It has happened before when he looted the entire African continent, least surprising that it continues to happen. I for one blame them least but can not forgive the likes of Bobi Wine that continue to present them as Messiahs and survivors of the day.


To the White man, if you can not practice it, do not preach it. After this entire experience of racism, segregation, inhumanity, bigotry, and discrimination that is taking place, kindly keep your cheap talk about human rights abuses to yourself and to your grandchildren.


This should be a wake-up call to every African in Africa and elsewhere that; East or west, home is best. The white man is no demi-God and therefore we should always seek African solutions to our African problems. Finally, we should at all times reject all political actors and players that try to convince us otherwise.



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