Solomon Kampala Turns To LGBTQ Community For Love And Attention Due To The Increasing Neglect From His Parents


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It is deeply worrying that the opposition political heads are taking their political duties so seriously and neglecting to guide and groom their off springs in a manner that is worthy.

The phrase, charity begins at home keeps ringing in my head. I am curious to know how someone who can’t rule his empire of a few can manage and govern state affairs.

The first and most natural condition of things is for parents to train up their own children in the nurture fit for expected and acceptable behaviors in our communities. Ignore this mambo Jambo story of human rights and freedoms. A child is a child and should be taught.”

Deuteronomy 6:7 says, “You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.”

The challenges we are seeing today in our communities are a result of parents not spending time with their children. Children instead find their way to the growth more rad instead of being raised and nurtured.

Unless we are meant to believe that the current trend of events isn’t a bother to them especially so since they get their funds and allowances from the very groups and organizations that fund LGBTQ+ activities.

LGBTQ+ activities are slowly but surely penetrating our communities and this is mostly through opposition leaders who continue to accept funding with terms from the LGBTQ+ communities.  It is therefore not surprising that their children end up conforming to the activities or behaviors.

Anselm Besigye a brilliant and very promising young man a son to a four-time presidential contender Kizza Besigye Kifefe slowly but gradually and surely slid into the path of homosexuality. Lately, it is very hard to distinguish as to whether we should call him boy or girl after all his dress code, mannerisms, and photos on social media with gay counterparts.

This concern was confirmed by her/his beloved son or daughter; depending on the sexual orientation preference when she poured out lots of praises in a recent tweet as to how her son/daughter looked so adorable in feminine dressing.

This leads me to my latest set of concerns, for anyone that has keenly and closely followed Solomon Kampala’s (Bobi Wine’s first son) social media pages.

You need not be blind to realize just how cozy this promising young man is getting with his fellow gender mates. A feeling of affection, love, closeness towards his fellow male friends brings chilling memories of how Anselm started out just before he joined the famous or infamous (depending on your standpoint) Harvard University. Almost every Ugandan that joins the institution lately turns out gay. Case in point Hillary Taylor, a proud and open Ugandan gay man.

Caution and advice to Itungo Barbie, it is not too late to turn a page back to the path of righteousness unless if just like Winnie Byanyima, you are in support of the present and the ever seemingly certain path that your beloved son has chosen to take. After all, you are the beloved mother!!




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