Shocking scandals of Katongole exposed


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The shocking secrets and scandals about Julius Katongole, a prominent mobiliser of the National Unity Platform party-NUP has been exposed.

Katongole who is also prominently known as the resident NUP sex maniac became popular within Rubaga South in Kampala when he was reportedly arrested and subsequentlyΒ  jailed over rape but later released from Kitalya Prison.

Sources within NUP also revealed that Katongole who was on July 11,2021 Β accused of allegedly pocketing unspecified huge sum of money which he had collected from opposition well-wishers apparently to support some political prisoners has lately been engaging in questionable dealings whose investigation is underway.

It is alleged that he (Katongole) who had no knowledge about any political Prisoners currently in detention later extravagantlyΒ  spent the money merry making with women where he would bonk them from different locations within the City suburbs.

A source within NUPΒ  has also revealed that this same Katongole has for long while using his various social media accounts including twitter @kangolejului9, Instagram accountΒ  @bop_daddy_ug , and Facebook account with 11000 followers to convince many opposition sympathisers to send money to him.

This has been described as an act of fraud by a section of some opposition members within the City who have 3ver fallen victims to his social media campaign.

The source further revealed that since July 2021, Katongole has consistently been engaging many of his social media followers to support his tribalism campaign that died on arrival.

β€œHe spoke Bad about the Government and he Incites Ugandans about all the negative Information like saying that Ugandans didn’t have food yet it was Provided and he concludes that the money was Eaten byΒ  His Excellency President Museveni,” a prominent opposition leader who lost money to his scam revealed.

In many of his social media engagement, Katongole consistently incited Ugandans against the regime, a campaign that received cold support.

According to one of his many social media engagements, any President of Uganda who is a non Baganda is out rightly not for Buganda, a statement that att4acted wild and bitter reactions from his many social media

Reactions from his Facebook followers

β€œThis man is really serious about putting down the Government of His Excellency President Museveni,He is tribalistic and really shamelessly inciting Ugandans with false information. For example, I know it is the Government of his Excellency President Museveni that introduced Kingdoms which had actually been Abolished by the Previous Government so this Man needs to be Sued over his false information misleading Ugandans,” Comments from followers.


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