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Seven Fake Pastors finally abandon their flock for NUP


There is always that son in a home that never listens to the father’s plea however much pampered by him.  And there is always that one that loves to do the opposite of what the rest are doing. Society calls them deviants.

Seven pastors including Pastor David of Ogyambo from Buikwe, Pastor Julius Nyerere from Kamuli Baptist church, Pastor Steven Steven, Pastor Keneth Mugabane, Pastor Richard Muhumuza , Pastor kato Steven and Andrew Muwanguzi from Jinja abandoned their followers to join People power leaving most believers astonished and speechless.

The president of Uganda H.E Museveni liberalized places of worship, the reason why several churches loomed and became major sources of noise in most Kampala suburbs.

Not withholding the liberalization of the media which allowed for several broadcast setups that have been crucial in the work of pastors. Of course, we know some stations by pastors have been misused to extort money from the ‘sheep.’ We have seen several stage-managed programs that have caused more havoc than good in society.

The un-famous off-key music accompanied by flirting vocals in ‘Biwempe’ churches and shoutings of alleluia and Ameeeeen in choral replies dominated most slums in Kampala killing the little peace that is left to sleep in the morning after a long night fight with rats.  All this ruckus has been possible due to the government tolerant policies towards churches and pastors. When Kagame closed over 300 churches in Kigali, most Ugandans took on their social media  handles and prayed that the Ugandan government could do the same. But the President came out and said that they should leave his “balokole” alone.

Let me stop the blubbing but the Seven pastors who joined people power are those that have no intentions to natural people’s spirituality. They are opportunists who failed in other religions before starting up their own churches to exploit people. Now they heard that there is a cash bonanza in NUP and have run to try their luck.

I don’t want to repeat that the biggest percentage of Ugandans do not like noise from churches that are competing with engines in making noise, usually a few metres from each other fighting for followers.

I am not worried but wondering how these pastors expect to go back and preach the word of God to their people in the same way the bible says or in the style of Bizonto.

Pastors should under their leadership stop making churches political targets because when a pastor becomes an activist for a bad cause they will become deceptive and will end up becoming a nuisance. MP Mohamed Nsereko one time suffered a big time when Pastor Yiga stage managed a young man to impersonate as a dumped brother to Nsereko which DNA proved otherwise.  Money was spent, time was spoiled and families were hurt due to the duping characteristics in that pastor.

With opportunistic pastors, society is going to crush. It is high time the government looks into maintaining the traditional religions just like Arab countries have no space for most other religions apart from Islam.


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