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NUP’s secret emails calling United Nations and European Union to intervene in Ugandan domestic affairs have leaked.

Security Intelligence has busted a coordinated struggles by NUP to unfairly and unjustifiably accuse Uganda government with intent to blackmail and discredit it’s achievements at the United Nations General Council.

Security sources say that they have landed on various secret dossier authored by NUP activists to international bodies including United Nations, United Kingdom, European Union and the G7.

” A message from desperate youth of Uganda, UK, EU & G7; Enough with your strategic bloodshedingship,  EU, UK stop pretending to care about democracy and human rights, ” the ema

A snapshot of some of the leaked Emails written by NUP activits

ils read in subject.

According to the source, the Emails are written in an intimidating manner as though they are meant to spoil the partnership Uganda has had with the super powers over years. The source said that it is a black mail call from NUP to smear a bad image on government.

“The National Unity Platform is struggling to lease a country whose first role is to blackmail before the international communities and bodies,” said the source.

NUP was denied the chance by Ugandans to rule during the January 2021 General election and have since embarked on smear campaigns.

NUP is the current opposition party with full legal representation in Uganda’s politics including the leader of Opposition in the 11th parliament and several legislators but has since failed to use legally mandated platforms to raise alternative democratic views concerning matters of national importance and instead opt for simple blackmails.

In their dossier, NUP attacked the listed International bodies and envoys  for failing to hold to their interest and wondered why they have always supported the government of Uganda under the leadership of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Mr Ofwono Opondo, the spokesperson of government of Uganda said that NUP like any other Opposition parties in the country is full of selfishness and lack simple political ingredients to attract Ugandans to their favor.

Ofwono questioned NUP’S credibility to attack International communities accusing it for siding with the government of Uganda yet they are they have been massively supported by some foreign groups.

NUP fully participated in the general elections and defeated NRM in the Central region with so many NRM leaders being defeated. The NRM has since embarked on political facts finding mission to ascertain why it lost miserably in Buganda.

Other opposition parties including FDC, UPC and DP among others have since embarked on evaluation campaign to ascertain how it performed, why it lost to NRM and their leaders are currently up country.

However, NUP has remained on tactics of tarnishing government image locally and internationally. Their hope is that this will cause disobedience which will result into regime change.  The public has however continuously opened their eyes as observed in the rate at which they are whistle blowing some of the criminal mobilization activities done by the party activists.






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