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Rwandan Security has Exclusive Powers to Kill Anybody on Ugandan Soil

Ugandan authorities were on 24th May 2019 again sent provocative message by the rogue elements within the Rwanda National Army, when they violated Uganda’s sovereign integrity and crossed and killed people inside Uganda.

This follows a situation where the RPF soldiers on 24th May 2019 at 8pm, pursued a Rwandese businessman one John Baptista Kyerenge 25, a resident of Nkoba cell, Natarabwe parish, Burasirazooba sub county, Nyagatare district attempted to cross into Rwanda on a motorcycle, loaded with his merchandise, but turned back upon noticing security presence across the border. He was however, chased and intercepted by two armed Rwandan soldiers, a distance of about 80 meters, into Ugandan territory, at Hamisavu trading center, Kiruhura village, Kasekye Parish, Kamwezi Sub County, in Rukiga District.

The victim resisted attempts to arrest him, and was shot to the head and killed instantly. The armed soldiers. In addition, shot dead a Ugandan identified as Alex Nyesiga, who was trying to intervene. They immediately withdrew, going with the victim’s motorcycle registration number RE 736G after failed attempts to remove the body of the Rwandan victim. The two bodies were transferred to Kamwezi Health Center IV for further post-mortem analysis.

In the contrary John Bosco Kabera the spokesperson for Rwanda National Police Service denied the allegation claiming that their security personnel did not cross into Uganda soil, claiming that the incident took place inside Rwanda territory.

If it was true that the incident occurred inside Rwanda, what justification did Rwanda have to shoot dead her own citizen inside its own territory? The other question would be, after killing their own inside Rwanda, how did the said dead body find its way into Uganda, so that the Rwanda authorities came to officially receive it in the presence of international diplomats and media?

Incidents of Rwandese soldiers killing their own people have become a common phenomenon across the border with Uganda. In March 2019, Elizabeth Mukarugwiza, 38, collapsed dead near Cyanika border, while trying to runaway following a pursuit by Rwanda security forces deployed at the border to bar locals who sneak into Uganda via porous border lines. Mukarugwiza and her group, according to eyewitness were looking for food in Uganda.

Mukarugwiza’s pal speaking in local language Kinywarwanda ‘many times they have been intercepted by Rwandan soldiers who then confiscate all their belongings. When it is food, they chop it into pieces before sending us away. They insist that it is illegal for us to go to Uganda to get food,’ she said.

In the same month of March 2019, a male Rwandese one Innocent Nadayimana was shot and injured by Rwandese soldiers at Rushaki B Cell, Nyinamuronzi ward in Katuna as he tried to enter into Uganda.

These acts of provocation show that Rwanda does not respect any International laws, nor respect of rights of citizens- they can violate Uganda’s territorial integrity by crossing into Uganda territory kill and retreat without any problem, they are also free to kill unarmed civilians with impunity claiming ‘professionalism that they are known for and for which they need no lectures.’ I believe Rwanda military had no justification whatsoever for the illegal entry and use of deadly weapons to take life of the creatures of God. It is time Uganda government acted against this rogue elements provoking our national capabilities.

In February President Paul Kagame ordered authorities at Gatuna/Katuna to close the border post alleging that there were construction works being undertaken at the border post. But it later turned out that the reasons were political as Kagame directed no entry of Ugandan goods into his country. The decision was to display uneasiness for the continued harassment of Rwandans in Uganda, hosting anti- Kigali elements and seizing of Rwandan goods.

Kagame warned Rwandans against traveling to Uganda as they risked being arrested and tortured. Uganda however, denied all the accusations propagated by Kigali accusing Kigali of espionage, masterminding kidnaps and shootings in Uganda and engaging in acts that threaten Uganda’s security.

But the border blockade has backfired with Rwandans sneaking through panya’s (illegal pathways) to cross to Uganda to look for food and other basic necessities. However, acting on the directives of the Presidency, Rwandan security forces have been pursuing citizens found crossing to Uganda.

Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni recently responded to border closure as “suicidal” at a time when Rwandans depend on Uganda’s exports.

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