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REVEALED: How NGOs luring youth into gay activities in Uganda

Mukiisa Elisha (victim) recently narrated how he was recruited into the gay network activities by the Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), an NGO promoting homosexual activities in the country.

Mukiisa said he was recruited while still in high school at the age of 16 years.

Frank Mugisha, the SMUG Director

He was recruited and promised to be given UGX500K as transport allowance after attending their first workshop organized at one of their facilities in Kampala.

According to him, SMUG has agents that are sent to recruit from schools, and churches that are predominantly occupied by teenagers and other happening places.

These agents move with SMUG coupons that target the youths because of the small favors that come with their coupons.

The agents lure teenagers with petty offers such as school upkeeps as well as outings at expensive hotels around Kampala.

He says that SMUG targets teenagers between the ages of 13-17 years because they believe it’s easy to indoctrinate the youths within this age bracket.

After being recruited and sexually abused, Mukiisa was tasked to start making gay porn videos and uploading them on the different websites for commercial purposes.

He was promised to be paid UGX5 million for each gay porn video that he makes.

He says that most of the facilities and shelters are found in Ntinda Kigowa where most teenagers are sexually abused and it is highly guarded especially by the police.

What is more shocking is that these teenagers are subjected to unprotected sexual intercourse when making gay porn videos which exposes them to several sexually transmitted diseases and other long term illnesses.

They are not even allowed to do medical checkups before recording the videos.

“Sadly, when one of their recruits develops side effects or long term illness as a result of homosexual activities, the directors of SMUG abandons them without giving them assistance to get health care,”Mukiisa said.

He says that the only objective of SMUG is to recruit as many teenagers as they can and indoctrinate them into homosexual activities.

Report indicates that SMUG  was recently deregistered by the National NGO Board.

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