REVEALED: How  murder of UCU student failed NUP attempt to burn Makerere University

Betungura Bewatte, a second year law student at UCU Kampala campus was recently murdered during the violent students guild election at Makerere University.

The deceased had gone to support his friend and OB of Mbarara High school when he his gruesome and regrettable incident on July 14th, 2022.

The scuffle erupted after an attack on the FDC supporters by a gang of hired NUP supporters ferried from Kamwokya  under the Command of MP Kabuye Frank and Katerega Julius.

Police report revealed that Betungura was stabbed in the neck by NUP supporters several times using sharp broken bottles which resulted into severe bleeding and shock that quickened his death.

Sources from NUP Makerere University Chapter revealed that Betungura’s death came as a scare that diverted the initial plan to burn the institution.

Previously, NUP hired supporters from Kamwokya and Katanga was tasked to attack the FDC camp that had the biggest crowd, then cause chaos and take advantage of confusion to burn down Makerere University using petrol.

This was revealed in a tweet by a one Nahabwe Bruce on his twitter handle (@brucenahabwe1). Nahabwe a staunch NUP supporter is a student at Makerere University, a friend and OB of the late Betungura.

According to Nahabwe, on Thursday 14th July the NUP gang led by MP Kabuye bought five jerricans of petrol from Hass petrol Station Kubiri and kept it in one of the hostels near Makerere rugby grounds.

The hatched plan was to start with Nsibirwa and Nkurumah halls then proceed to Senate Building and Mitchell Hall that backed the FDC candidate.

Nahabwe revealed that there’s along time friction between the different brigades that operate within the students’ halls of residence especially during Guild elections campaigns.

The most outstanding being between the OGB and RGB that operates within Nsibirwa and Mitchell Halls respectively.

MP Kabuye and Katerega took advantage of the situation and reinforced the ruthless NUP OGB Brigade with hired goons called the Bakooto which operates within Katanga, Kamwokya, Kikoni and Kikumi-Kikumi.

However, after the sadden stabbing of Betungura the police were alerted who rushed to the scene, this foiled NUP plan to burn the institution since the group fled from the scene to escape arrest by the  police.

Police have since arrested MP Kabuye and two others according the Spokesperson ,Fred Enanga.

Enanga said  they have a list of 15 people who are non-students connected to the scuffle that resulted into the death of Betungura.

He revealed that the idea to burn Makerere aimed at undermining security such that the general public can lose trust in police.