Reject Homosexuality’s Petty Cash; Protect Your Body


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All over the world, petty cash is one of the sharp hooks used by homosexuals to recruit innocent people to the vice, and the victims of this criminal act have often experienced complicated health conditions.

In some circumstances, victims’ genitals are deframed permanently, yet they can’t buy one anywhere using the petty cash given to them.

Tears rolled down my face as I read the wicked story of a one Lydia Mukoda, the deputy head teacher in charge of discipline at PMM girls in Jinja district in eastern Uganda, who recruited many young innocent girls under her care into homosexuality by buying them drinks like soda, which she intoxicated with opium or marijuana.

According to one of the victims, who preferred anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, before Mukoda’s arrest, she had opened up a new branch of homosexuality in Kiroba at the Kamuli sugar factory, where she recruited homos, stating that those who allowed their anuses to be sodomized were given one hundred thousand shillings on the spot.

What bothers me is the excessive silence by the leading opposition party, the National Unity Platform (NUP), and its leader, Robert Kyagulanyi, regarding homosexuality in Uganda.

Unlike other leaders from the ruling National Resistance Movement party and other opposition parties, including the UPC, DP, and even the FDC, whose leaderships have outright condemned homosexuality, NUP and Bobi Wine have remained comfortably silent about the vice.

Whereas Bobi Wine and his selected allies within the NUP are said to be big supporters of homosexuality, Uganda’s parliament recently tabled the Anti-homosexuality Bill 2023, which prohibits same-sex marriages among others.

A few days ago, the girls and other male victims secretly narrated horrifying stories, revealing how they have continued experiencing health complications, including ruptured anuses, after engaging in the act.

“She first uses a vibrator, which is an electric artificial penis, to insert into your anus. She later calls some boys to sodomize girls in front of the phone’s camera and later sends the video to America for more funds,” one of the victims said.

She added that Mukoda, who falsely called herself by the male name of Mr. Ogwang, bribed everyone, stating that the police in Jinja city, Buwenge town council, and residents of the area where she used to lodge with girls feared her.

Ugandans should understand that homosexuality funders have set aside cash for anyone who will join them in the spread of the vice.

However, the truth is that, naturally, a human being has one anus, one penis, among others, and it’s clear that we have one life. And however much money one may have, they can’t buy life or such organs because none of them is displayed in shopping centers for sale.

It’s incumbent on every Ugandan to say no to homosexuality; it’s time to be each brother’s keeper and to hold on to our traditions and religions among others in order to put homosexuality at bay. This is just a moving wave; it will go away with time.


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