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Questioning the quality of Political leaders in Buganda

At reception of Independence in 19962, Uganda had few highly educated people who took on leadership responsibilities in various capacities.

Ugandan history has it that Baganda received education first with Mutesa I being the farther of formal education.  Officially Uganda, from 1894 to 1961, was a British Protectorate much like Zanzibar. Britain never colonized the Baganda, rather they agreed to collaborate with them to dominate the traditional rivals of the Baganda, such as the Bunyoro. However, this is a story for another day.

In the early times of Uganda’s independent government and practice of democracy, leadership especially political positions were reserved for the highly educated. They were elected to make decisions on behalf of our entire society. It was unthought of to have a leader green about topical issues.

Take an example of Obote I, Buganda provided leaders like Dr. J. Luyimbazi Zaake who was higly educated and later became Minister of Education. These days we have a different Francis Zaake who has marketed himself as an MP without Identity. Not so much to say about him apart from his character attracting sympathy by holding walking clutches from blinded folded masses.

In Obote II, Buganda had outstanding Leaders like Paulo Muwanga but look at these days. We have people like Allan Ssewanyana who only earned his fame and rise to Parliament through helping idlers to win betting tickets. An ally of sports addicts and (Zara) read as betting, now in parliament to legislate. What should we expect other than guesswork and betting on the laws that affect millions of Ugandans?

The list of credible Political leaders from Buganda is endless but it’s a shame how the new breed is spoiling the legacy of the brainy Baganda Leaders.

Who do we have today?  Judith Babirye and Bobi wine who is digging deep in the sentiments of misguided youth to lead them to an equivalent of hell. Our Country cannot be liberated by songs, it can be liberated brains. Brains that can analyze and deliberate on the direction of our fiscal policies for generations to come.

We have Kato Lubwama the Minister of Comedy and laughter who calls himself omuntu w’abantu. Really? People must wake up. A constituency’s representative tells a lot about the people in that area. No wonder he is found of failing to reply to interviews on the media and simply dashes in his mother tongue leaving the viewers and the journalists in stinging laughter. That is the legislation he can do.

I am not going to talk about Segirinya of Kawempe and his famous empty talk that can almost be perceived as madness, but let me ask a rhetorical question. What kind of leader is Mubarak Munyagwa? He obviously would do better in Moses Golola’s industry.

My allegations might not ring a bell as of now, but before I rest my case Buganda was found of providing quality leaders that built a strong foundation in institution building. What we have now are young less educated and desperate youth who have sold their souls to the imperialists. They are fronting the agenda of foreign powers which still need African countries for their survival.

Imperialists do not want strong leadership in Africa who will advocate for self-dependency, the reason the target is the young youth leaders and especially from Buganda, a region that holds a position against the current government as per the electoral results.

History is repeating itself; the imperialists are in courtship to peonage Uganda through its desperate leaders. This time it is not only the Baganda and the imperialists against other tribes but it’s the hungry politicians against the rest of the Ugandans.




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