President Salva Kiir should be sympathized with not mocked


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In 1993,  while Uganda was celebrating Independence, witness accounts claim that President Museveni asked the man that was standing  next to him as the anthem played who he was, and the shabbily tacked in man quickly introduced himself  “ I am your friend!,” and that’s how Mukwaya stole the Presidential Salute, a story that has remained historical to date .

No one knows how Mukwaya beat the security detail of the President to access a position that put him into the books of records. The story of Mukwaya is such an interesting recollect that will never leave the archives of Uganda’s history, but let’s talk South Sudan.

On 14TH December 2022, President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit is seen in a viral video peeing on himself in public while opening a road project on Tuesday.

Like in the case of Mukwaya in 1993 in Uganda, the security detail of Salva Kiir could not intervene because the National Anthem was being recited. Unfortunate for the President, the event was broadcast live on television, nothing could be done to rectify the embarrassing situation.

In the Video he did not run or abandon the guard just like any patriot would do while the National Anthem was playing. His reaction is exemplary and places him at the highest level of being an effective senior Citizen of South Sudan.

The internet went wild with a lot of criticism and hastening abuses were hurled at the South Sudan quite composed President.

Why laugh, being president does not make him immune to the challenges by virtue of being human. According to information from closed circles of South Sudan State House, Salva Kiir Mayardit, 71, is believed to be suffering from Prostatitis, which is common in older men and not laughable.

While some statements on the internet accused the cameramen of doing a dirty job by disgracing their president, and while others said they did the right thing by exposing the President as medically unfit to lead a country, the world needs to know that our leaders are human and have their personal battles to fight above carrying the challenges of our crawling nations.

I came across a tweet by Nyanjura Doreen who made fun of the President and a thread of responses made to her were not pleasant. Hoping that she has learnt to respect elders and to understand that somethings are worth seeing and letting go, Nyanjura needs to know that men above 45 years of age are all faced with similar prostate challenges.

According to Mulago Cancer institute, over 60 percent of men above 45 years are facing challenges related to prostate and the disease rate is likely to increase by 5.2 percent annually. So what will Nyanjura do when it is Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago battling it? Post on Twitter?  What will all the men that have been laughing do when they are the ones battling the case?

The Incident that happened to Salva Kiir should open the eyes of all men in Africa to be vigilant and join the fight against prostate related diseases, because it is not selective. The president’s story should also be a reminder that Presidents are human and above the National Challenges, they have personal issues to deal with. They don’t have to be crucified whenever their weak spots go public.

Written by Mayang Joel, a student at Makerere University from South Sudan    



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