President Museveni Welcomes Coffee Value Addition Investor


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President Yoweri Museveni on March 29th, received the chairman of Amir Hamza Tanzania Limited, Amir Hamza Esmail at State House Entebbe.

President Museveni welcomed Hamza to Uganda and praised his desire to contribute value to Ugandan coffee.

The President informed the investor that Uganda’s coffee production has increased from 2 million bags in 1986 to between 12 and 20 million bags per year today.

β€œI promoted coffee growing by sensitizing the wanainchi with small land holdings using the 4 acre model that encourages the planting of coffee on one acre, fruits on another, an acre of pasture for zero grazing and the fourth acre for food,’’ the President said.

The President also informed Hamza that Uganda has high-quality coffee, and he directed the Minister of State for Animal Industry, Hon. Rwamirama, to ensure that the investor, whose coffee factory is located in Bukoa, receives all necessary assistance in establishing a coffee processing plant in Uganda.

President Museveni was praised by the Amir for championing the campaign to add value to coffee in Africa in general and Uganda in specific, adding that the President deserved an award for his efforts.

”If there was a Nobel Prize for adding value to coffee on the African continent, Your Excellency, you merit one,” Amir Hamza said.

He informed the President that his company based in Bukoba Tanzania already exports instant coffee to regional and international markets.

Amir Hamza who is the Chairman and CEO of Amir Hamza (T) LTD, has built the largest state -of -the -art spray dried Instant Coffee Factory in East and Central Africa. Amir Hamza has over 27 years of experience in the Coffee Industry and is the current Chairman of The Board of Directors of African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA), and Tanzania Country Chapter Chairman.

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