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President Museveni Urges Citizens to Embrace Electric Cars as a Longtime Solution to Rising Gas Prices, Climate Change

The President of Uganda, Gen YK Museveni during the presidential address held on Wednesday 27th July 2022, on issues of National importance expressed need for Uganda to start investing in other energy sources, to cut reliance on fossil fuels.

During the presidential speech at Nakasero State Lodge, Museveni gave a preamble on the genesis of fuel price problems that begun with the innovations brought by the colonial masters in the disguise of simplifying work.

“When these people (colonialist) came, they said they was a new source of energy called petroleum from the soil. The Europeans replaced the traditional science of sun, wind, and hydro which means energy that was safe and harmless with petroleum energy,” said the President.

He stated that the world is quickly moving back to other means of energy like solar, wind, hydro and nuclear from Petroleum.

“Countries that have petroleum are hoarding it because the world is shifting to clean energy making demand for petroleum high and supply low, because of this fuel prices will not reduce,” stated the President.

Speaking on the issue of rising fuel prices, Museveni emphasized that the government couldn’t subsidize fuel prices because it is a temporary solution and advised that the country look into green means of energy to counter the ever rising prices of petroleum and its effects on the environment.

“People were advising the government to subsidize or remove taxes from fuel to lower its prices, but instead of putting the money to where the world is running from, let’s put it into electric vehicles, buses, Lorries, mini buses and the electric cars,” the president said.

Fortunately, Uganda started building electric cars which included buses in a bid to reduce fuel emission in the atmosphere.

The electric ‘Kayoola’ bus made in Uganda emits almost zero carbon-dioxide compared to Petroleum and diesel buses and though it may seem expensive, the associated benefits are high.

According to Dr. Musaasizi, a well noted scientist, the total cost of emission for an electric bus is 62% less than the emission of a diesel bus.

“A typical diesel bus realizes 1.2kg of carbon dioxide per kilometer (KM) which is way above the accepted standard for the sustenance of the environment,” said Musaasizi.

The electric boda bodas that are in the process of being manufactured will cost an estimate of Ugx7M compared to the petroleum boda bodas on market that cost Ugx5M but given the environmental degradation and maintenance costs associated to petroleum bodas, Dr. Musaasizi advises Ugandans to go with the electric options.

The President however added that petroleum will still be useful and still have market.

“Petroleum will not lose market, it can be used elsewhere like manufacturing products,” Museveni added.

Ugandan discovered petroleum will be used in other sectors like manufacturing cloth and removed from car usage that is unsafe and emits dangerous gases that harm the Eco system.

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