OPINION: President Museveni Schools Remmy Bahati during an Interview in Washington


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President Yoweri K Museveni in a recent interview with Remmy Bahati schooled the journalist on matters of Policy, Human rights and statistics.

President Museveni who was attending a summit in Washington DC, USA at the invitation of President Joe Biden was interviewed by Bahati, a Ugandan working with New York City Lens, last week. Bahati who sought an interview with the President asked a number of questions concerning Uganda’s Elections, the presidency, and Human rights.

β€œYou are one of the longest-serving leaders in Africa today and because of that, critics and other western governments, like you said in 1986, argue that leaders who overstay in power impede democracy, are corrupt and stifle civil liberties. Do we see you talking about transition or are you grooming someone?” asked Bahati.

In his response, President Museveni quoted figures and statistics to show how much Uganda has developed during his tenure as President.

β€œUganda’s statistics are clear. The economy of Uganda has [on average] been growing at 6.5 percent per annum for the last 36 years. I want you to get me other countries which can compare with that. Then the population has increased from 15 million to 43 million now. Education has gone up, infrastructure [is better]. So, just look at the [development indices] figures to see … I’m in a government supported by the people (voters) every five years,” President Museveni said.

During the interview, Bahati compared Uganda and America’s political history stating that America has enjoyed more democracy to which the President asked if she knew that the US which was founded in 1623, went more than 100 years without democracy.

β€œThe Americans built the United States for more than 100 years without democracy, without elections. For us we have been able to rebuild and consolidate Uganda with democracy from the very beginning,” said President Museveni.

Bahati further questioned Uganda’s sovereignty by stating that the US indicated that last year’s election was marred with violence and vote rigging and asked the president to respond to the allegations.

The President gave her a befitting answer, informing her that Uganda is a sovereign country with a constitution.

β€œWell, I am not a President of Uganda because of the Americans or because of anybody else, but because of the people of Uganda and according to the Constitution of Uganda. This is what determines who governs Uganda, not Americans, not any foreigners. What they think is all up to them. If they are misinformed, that’s their problem. But for us we are following our Constitution,” President Museveni stated.

Bahati, a self-proclaimed human rights activist with no rebuttal then questioned H.E Museveni about human rights abuses in Uganda referring to some opposition MPs in jail. Bahati asked the President for the justice of the accused persons in the murder of 28 Ugandans.

β€œPeople were killed, 28 of them, in Masaka City were cut with machetes. You, my granddaughter, the human rights fighter, you should also fight for those 28 wananchi (ordinary people) killed. Why don’t you go to Masaka and talk to the families of those who were cut dead?” said President Museveni.

Bahati who is always on social media ranting about human rights abuses, lack of democracy in Uganda and over stay in power was exposed by President Museveni. Β It was made clear that Bahati is not well versed with the political sphere of Uganda, democracy and the human rights she claims to fight for.

The President answered Bahati’s questions with facts and patience that it was clear Bahati had embarked on a quest she was not prepared for or even well versed with.



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