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President Museveni Promotes 469 UPDF officers,Full list

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, also the Commander In Chief of all the Armed forces in Uganda has promoted a total of 469 UPDF officers.

In a statement released by the UPDF Spokesperson, Brig. Felix Kulayigye, the CiC also confirmed some 28 officers.

The promoted officers include two from the rank of Colonel to Brigadier General, 13 from Lieutenant Colonel to full Colonel, one Major to Lieutenant Colonel, among others.

Colonels David Tweheyo and Silver Changa Muhwezi have been  promoted to Brigadier Generals respectively.

Major Dr. Jennifer Alanyo is now a Lieutenant colonel, Daniel Kalala Kirya is also now full Lieutenant Colonel.

“The Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs and UPDF fraternity congratulates the Senior and Junior Officers upon their well-deserved promotions and confirmed ranks,” The statement reads.

This is the third time this year that President Museveni, who is also the Commander in Chief of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces, is promoting officers. The first promotions were announced in January and the next group was in April.


  1. Col           David Tweheyo                             –        Brig Gen
  2. Col           Silver Changa Muhwezi                 –        Brig Gen
  3. Lt col           Tom Musoke Buwembo              –        Col
  4. Lt Col           Robert Nabimanya Katanaka    –        Col
  5. Lt Col           Samson Henry Nabeeta            –        Col
  6. Lt Col           Christopher Kyanku                  –        Col
  7. Lt Col           Giradier Roger Owor                –        Col
  8. Lt Col           Samuel Alex Wabuyi                 –        Col
  9. Lt Col           Sylvia Meeme                           –        Col
  10. Lt Co           Ronald Kagyenyi                       –        Col
  11. Lt Col           Moses Wilson Ssentongo         –        Col
  12. LT Col           Godfrey K Tukamwakira          –        Col
  13. Lt Col           Ronald Wairindi Mugisha          –        Col
  14. Lt Col           Betty Musuya Wanyera            –        Col
  15. Lt Col           Edmond Ruta Agaba               –        Col
  16. Maj           Dr Jeniffer Alanyo                        –        Lt Col
  17. Acting Col David M Byaruhanga                   –        Col
  18. Acting Col Martin S Byegarazo                     –        Col
  19. Acting Col Vincent Odori Omollo                  –        Col
  20. Acting Col Chris Sseruyange Ddamulira       –        Col
  21. Acting Lt Col Daniel Kalala Kirya                      –        Lt Col
  22. Acting Lt Col Douglas N Katondwaki             –        Lt Col
  23. Acting Lt Col Patrick K Obong                      –        Lt Col
  24. Acting Lt Col Alfred Okech Olama                –        Lt Col
  25. Acting Lt Col Edson  K Kwesiga                    –        Lt Col
  26. Acting Lt Col Gerald R Murekwa                   –        Lt Col
  27. Acting Lt Col Israel Kasaija                           –        Lt Col
  28. Acting Lt Col Wilfred Dickson Birungi            –        Lt Col
  29. Acting Lt Col Kepher Kaigo Mukomba           –        Lt Col
  30. Acting Lt Col Ronald Mwamba Adyeri           –        Lt Col
  31. Acting Lt Col Collins Mugga Luswata            –        Lt Col
  32. Acting Maj Nelson Marks Kyatuuka               –        Maj
  33. Acting Maj Geofrey Barigye                          –        Maj
  34. Acting Maj Karim Dwale                                –        Maj
  35. Acting Maj Mugaiga Picos Aruho                  –        Maj
  36. Acting Maj James O Omara                          –        Maj
  37. Acting Maj James Twinamasiko                     –        Maj
  38. Acting Maj Kenneth Nuwagaba                     –        Maj
  39. Acting Maj Edgar K Musasizi                         –        Maj

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