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President Museveni clears the Air on Bribery Accusations, Announces new Anti Corruption Measures

President Yoweri Museveni has come out and explained circumstances under which a Chinese national Ching Ho is accused of having given him a bribe worth $500,000 in 2014.

The President speaking at his office after announcing new anti-corruption measures said that he was told by Foreign Affairs Minister that the money was meant for a charity. The President went on to say that it was now a matter of Ho’s lawyers liaising with the Uganda Attorney General to find out where the money ended up and that if it was not to a charity but to Kuteesa, he would have a criminal case to answer.

Museveni also dismissed the current COSASE inquiry into sold banks as dangerous and that they would do more harm than intended good.

President Museveni had earlier on announced new anti corruption measures during the commemoration of the Anti Corruption day at Kololo independence grounds.

In a statement, the President had this to say on the new measures:
The State House Anti-Corruption Unit is on number 0800202500. Lt Col Nakalema is my watching post on this. She will keep me posted and pursue cases of corruption with the other agencies.

We are going to study the law to ensure we confiscate wealth acquired through corruption. It will be amended to effect this. I am also convening a meeting with the Speaker and the Chief Justice to address concerns of corruption in their institutions.

Also, we have about Shs54 billion uncollected from corrupt officials even when court has ordered so. I am directing that this money is recovered immediately. I will also demand answers on why this has not been done yet.

Finally, I urge the media and the general public to join us in this campaign. Please expose and report corrupt public servants.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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